Regarding recent issues:

Some horses have been advanced beyond their breed cap because of this process, which is due to the feature we had during the transfer which allowed horses who were competing during 2.0 at a level above their 2.5 breed cap to keep that higher level.

Due to the additional complications caused by this feature, as well as the overdue normalisation of this, we are removing this feature. The result of this is that all horses will be restricted to their breed cap, which is what we are all used to.

This change will happen at the end of the month, during the lull between shows. Until then you may compete your horse at its current level.

Some horses have also lost a level on the dressage leaderboard. If anyone has horses to which this has happened, please reply to this post with the following information:

Horse ID: Horse Name: Proof of showing at higher level (show link):

Thanks for your patience & understanding.