UPDATE - Forum Transfer

Due to the changes involved in moving to our new forum, as well as some of the large changes announced over the December hiatus, we have updated the list of ticket-earning events and updated the tracker template.

The upgrade to the new template is easy:

Make a copy of the new tracker template, but don't delete your old one! Open your old tracker and note how many tickets you have that you haven't cashed in yet. In the 'getting started' page, make a new event called 'ForumTransfer2017 Ticket Mover' (you'll see it in the drop down list like normal) For the 'number of times' enter the amount of tickets you have left over from your old tracker For the evidence, use a link to your old tracker. Keep your old tracker in a safe place and use the new one from now on. NEW

Once your achievements have been traded in, please HIDE the rows containing the achievement points you just traded in. This will assist staff in determining which achievements are new and those that have already been traded.

And you're done! Everything else continues like normal.