You’ve probably guessed what I’m about to say based on the title of this post and what everyone else on the forum seems to be doing......

With the changes happening and the closing of this forum, I don’t really know how active I will be in the future of Sims 3 horses. Ideally, I would love to stay super active and continue to show off my pons that I have come to love so much (especially for those who have been so kind over the years to sell/breed/import horses for us). It would be my Sims 3 dream to keep posting (semi) okay edits for you to enjoy. It would be amazing to keep my love for equines alive into the future of the community - whatever shape that may take.

But alas, RL might just have other ideas......

With my roster ever changing at work I only really get 3 days off a week and in that time I have to do RL things like groceries, housework, look after my two pups, sleep, washing, cooking, etc....and then go to work for 4 12 hour shifts (2 days and 2 nights) and be on call between my two day shifts. I don’t have the energy after all that to come home and turn on my computer, let alone boot up the Sims.

So, what does this mean for our future?

Well, I will mainly have to wait and see what direction the new forum takes and whether I can find the inspiration again. What form a comeback might be in I really can’t say at this stage - whether I will revisit these characters or decide to tell new stories. Either way, we shall have to see.

So is this goodbye? Perhaps, but I truly hope it is just an au revoir. Because au revoir means “until we see each other again”.

Lots of love,