April 2016 - April 2017 Andrea Shaw, stable manager and long time lover of all things horses, leaned on the fence, admiring both mother and foal. It had been a long time since Hawk had been allowed some downtime from competition, and though the prospect of getting her back in shape for training was daunting, Andrea couldn't wait. Until then, at least she could admire the product of Hawk and prominent stallion Decker. Ioke's Hallow Hawk and her colt, Ioke's Deal Me In In a field not far away, Siri was keeping her distance from new mother Diamond. Though both mare and foal had been playing all morning, Diamond was a protective mother and Siri knew better than to disturb her unnecessarily. Besides, she reasoned, why interrupt a bonding moment? Ioke's Diamond Dancer and her filly, Ioke's Black Widow this is the first time i've actually been in game and been able to take pictures for ever. i'm trying to get better with this but who knows. hopefully i can get back into the swing of this!