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They call him Ezekiel. He doesn't mind what they coo at him as long as they let him keep jumping about the green stuff. It's springy, soft, and tastes great. They leave him with his momma at first, skipping and jumping around the pasture, until his favourite two-legged human brings the apple and her box that flashes sunlight at him. He loves that box, always frolics and jumps extra hard whenever he sees it. He doesn't know what they do with the sunlight box, only that everyone gets excited when he's especially extra awesome. Today, they put him in with another mare. She's big and loud but she lets him run as fast as he wants to and can actually keep up! Momma's always eating and telling him off, but this mare doesn't seem to care if he jumps too high or nips a little too hard. She's paying attention to the human with the light box.
Michonne NC and In Ezekiel's Image IK Finally the mare is led away by another human, this one with the leather harness and something in his pocket the mare seems eager to get to. Ezekiel doesn't pay it any mind. They're bringing another foal into the paddock. It's Cressida. Ezekiel hates Cressida.
In Ezekiel's Image and Cressida IK Cressida couldn't care less if Ezekiel hates her. The humans are paying attention and if they're paying attention that usually means snacks are about. Cressida could sniff out something edible if it was hiding in a haystack. She did that once, much to her Mama's distress, but the humans had been laughing instead of being disappointed so Cressida didn't care. Today they have her standing in fields all day. Mama's not around, instead they have another mare who Cressida's never seen before and she seems pretty jumpy. Cressida runs when they tell her to run because when she doesn't, when she doesn't like the smell of the new mare and shies away, they give her snacks! When they're done with the light box, Cressida can't wait to roll around and get extra dirty. Ezekiel can stand around and moan about the mud if he wants. Even if it means a shower and Mama's sighs, rolling in the mud is awesome. When she's been extra crazy in the mud, Ezekiel doesn't bother her much when they're both put in the paddock with their mamas, and that's fine with her!
Alecta NC and Cressida IK

Ioke Lake welcomes Cressida IK out of Alecta NC (via surrogate) by WHEC Othello (of @Andrea-Burdine's Rosewood & Arcadia) and In Ezekiel's Image IK out of Michonne NC (via surrogate) by AW Imaginaerum.

Both NC mares are courtesy of @Selene-Boutsikaris with Cressida carrying some very special genes from an exceptional horse!