@Neeve-Kalford said in Calli's Blog - - 20th October:

ROANNNNNNN! * Grabby hands *

No stealing him But you can visit him for snuggles, he likes snuggles

@Annalena-Voigt said in Calli's Blog - - 20th October:

The pictures you take are soo great! I love the kitchen and baking supply picture, it is so detailed Also loved the little story, it really adds life to your sims at the barn

Thank you! I do tend to go quite decor-mad when I actually get round to building and decorating and I have this new rule that after clogging up my game and wasting quite literally hours downloading stuff, I'm gonna find a use for it somehow

@Keegan-Noble said in Calli's Blog - - 20th October:

I... will just sit over here and sigh dreamily at your pictures. So many little details in the pics and the story. Just super duper lovely. I adore the Fall feeling you get from your pics - makes me want to get out a huge sweater and a cup of tea.

I support the big jumper and tea idea, that's my own current situation today anyway

@Skye-Valens said in Calli's Blog - - 20th October:

I really love your story telling and of course your horses are always amazing. I always love reading your newest updates. I can't wait to see where Demet's story takes her she is quickly becoming one of my favorite sims of yours. She is a great character and you really bring her to life.

Thank you I'm quite happy with Demet and her different personality to Calli, so that's fun to play around with