@Christina-Lindblad said):

Sometimes through our lives, we're getting to learn some lessons and promise ourselves to not do this again, ever

Uh oh. Looks like somebody had to learn the hard way... Still, it might not have been much fun for Amy, but it looks like Lily and Belle had lots of fun! This is such a cute little story, Christina. I love being able to see little snapshots from the everyday activities at other stables.

I stayed in Mora, in Dalarna, for a few days, as well as central Stockholm. I actually drove in from Norway so saw some variation in the countryside- shady forests and big, still lakes turning into sprawling green plains and low hills. It was so beautiful and clean and just I had a wonderful stay; you're very lucky to live in the area! I really wanted to pop down to Skane and go to Gotland but I couldn't fit it in my schedule... I'll just have to go back to Sweden again some time.