hello, lux! commenting in a timely manner is not my jam, and this comment is very much a testament to that. oops.

(four months, lux! i've postponed commenting for a third of a year!!)

(i'm really awful, i know.)

karimah and qaseem look lovely! i think the real showstopper this update has to be your lighting, though. the sunset gradient of grey-periwinkle to coral and the misty teal are both so pretty and i really envy your game.

eleonora!! puck did marvelous with her spotty marking. she looks like coco puffs in the snow like that and i love her

this next update with the "botched" blur and lack of reins is really, really pretty. the diagonal cropping looks so neat and crisp and organized, and it really gives your blog character. not to mention the colors yet again. beautiful.

léonie!! she's adorable. please do tell more about her! messias is also so pretty—i expect no less from nicole! (also, i'd gush over your colors some more but i think i've run out of words to do that, honestly.)

(seriously though, i'd love to hear more about léonie )