RCBL Studbook

If you're looking to expand your coloured stock -- In whatever discipline, breed, or specific pattern you desire -- Then our group studbook is ideal for you!

Members are able to submit any of their horses to this studbook. Ideally, however, they would put their horses of remarkable colour up for stud. Breedings will be conducted member-to-member and should be discussed either in the #rcbl channel on slack or in a private chat. Members can additionally indicate if they'd like their horses to be open for BIY or Traditional (Or both!), whether or not this affects the price, and if they'd like their horses to be open to the general public via this studbook, or just RCBL members.

Stay tuned for more information! If you're interested in submitting horses for the 'book, discussing it's potential with other members, or suggesting ideas in general, be sure to join us in Slack