@Sophie-Oak Ah! Well yes, he is a schoolpony now here at RFE ^^ But as he's regged then the kids do shows on him! He'll probably be in Regina's challenge!
@Therese-Lind How nice that I managed to accomplish that! Only the indoor is left before they can all move in!
@Danielle-Maddox Thank you

I am home sick and will be doing absolutely nothing with my life until Wednesday, sooo, lots of pics to come!

I have completed pictures for my Hanoverian horses (except Dulce, whom I still have to remake), so sit back and enjoy!

VPE Athame, 11yo stallion, bred by @Ellory-Clarke

UD Beverly, 23yo mare, bred by @Bella-Wolf

UD Boston, 23yo stallion, bred by @Bella-Wolf

TBS Blue Stone, 6yo stallion, bred by @Zatanna-Westerlund

WEC Cashmere, 7yo stallion, bred by @Michelle-Frohman

RFE Chiaro di Luna, 13yo stallion, homebred

SSH Da Haunting, 7yo stallion, bred by @Danielle-Maddox

RFE Diane, 7yo mare, bred by Nicole Löffler (don't know if she has a new name now and which is it)

Divine Intervention REC, 21yo mare, bred by Breanna Fahnestock

Smooth Sailing REC, 8yo stallion, bred by Breanna Fahnestock

Pss Lamarck, 18yo stallion, bred by @Katherine-Star-Ackles

Pss Lottery Ticket, 13yo stallion, bred by @Katherine-Star-Ackles

SAEC Lancelot, 20yo stallion, bred by @Rebecca-Wall

VREC/RFE Mi Hirmai De Vima, 24yo mare, bred by @Ian-Salvatore

RFE Mimi Casallina, 15yo mare, homebred

RFE Mielijah, 5yo mare, homebred

Paper Lion HAS, 15yo stallion, breeder unknown, bought from @Nathalie-Jensen

Background made from two stock photos! Sand credit to @fillyrox on deviantART, and backdrop from Google! Tails are premade tails that can be used with permission (I believe from @Alexandra-Yashirina ) and dark eye stock photo from @HorseStockPhotos, blue eye stock photo from @shush-stock also on deviantART (and modified to each horse, color, positioning, etc.)
(can provide links for all)