i’m dreadfully behind on commenting here—this thread has been sitting in my unreads for ages now and i keep intending to finally sit down and express the magical feelings that i get whenever i see your pictures

I. lokakuuta

this picture is so lovely. it beautifully captures the faint golden glow of an evening in late summer, with just warmth and hoof falls and a lackadaisical, free sort of feeling. tuikku’s copper coat and adorable expression have to be my favorite

II. marraskuuta

again with the wonderful atmosphere—how do you always manage to create such beautiful settings in your pictures? you’re seriously a wizard, luna mörkö looks amazing, too (he’s the first roan finnhorse besides his dam, right?), and i’m sure he’ll do magnificently in the ring.

the next edit has to be my favorite, so far: the colors, the composition, the angle, the editing—everything is to die for. i love the stella’s saddle pad brings out the flowers in the background, and how the golden autumn leaves frame everything in this picture is so soft and calming and i love it so much.

III. joulukuuta

how could you do this to us?

your lovely champions have always been there, existing, winning some new ribbons, or doing something. i remember reading about their new titles, their most recent shows, and whatever other antics they were up to, and now they’re suddenly gone. they will truly be missed, but i’m glad their legacy will continue to live on in their foals and the rest of ratsümaki.

IV. helmikuuta

how pretty! it’s always a delight to see snow in your pictures, like a breath of fresh air kerkkä is so adorable, and the way you edited everything adds a softness and magicalness that i cant quite describe. it’s lovely

and last but not least, happy (extremely late) birthday! i do have a gift i intend on giving you but unfortunately late january was a very busy time for me. trust me, though—i’ll get it to you soon