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  • ✤Welcome✤
    Here you will many different horses that we compete regularly with in Saddleseat, Western, and English disciplines. Occasionally we may post updates of our racing stable as well, but our main focus has been Saddleseat for quiet some time. Please take a load off your feet and come on down! We would love to show you around the farm. :heart:

    1/25/17: We are getting organized! Excuse the mess, but please enjoy our newest blog entry

  • 0_1484067968184_lana_ava_med_by_poniesrpretty-d9fcdg9.png


    ✤Going Home✤

    It was fifteen past three and already Sierra West was nervous. Her eyes trailed down the barn aisle and back up again, looking for any stray pieces of hay, or perhaps a kernel of grain she had missed. The day’s training had been completed save for one horse. Her palms went slick with sweat. It wasn’t like this session would be much different, it was just who would be watching it.
    She stopped at the cross ties, her fingers tickling along Knight’s whiskerless lips. He nodded his head in appreciation and lipped at her fingers for another bite of apple. A pang of longing ran through her heart as she looked in to his eye. This would be the last time they rode together, and it was going to be hard.
    Five years ago today, Cathleen Howe had driven out to West Haven when Knight was no more than a coming yearling. She had bought him that day, and thought it had been hard to see him ago then, Sierra had smiled in knowing he would do well. Last year Cathleen had called her, something terrible had happened at Pennyrile Farms. Without hesitation, Sierra offered to take him back for a while, continue his showing career and keep him safe free of charge.
    Knight had arrived at 3am that morning, with no interest in showing, Sierra, or West Haven. Thought Cathleen hadn’t told her what happened, it was obvious things at Pennyrile were not sunshine and daises. Knight had grown fearful, spooking at the slightest provocation, throwing his riders, even lunging at his handlers. It took time to get him back into shape, time and patience. Sierra had done it, and now Knight was one of the best mannered stallions located at West Haven. Yet, that was all coming to an end.
    Today, Knight was finally going home.
    Sierra leaned in, kissing his soft nose while the barn was still quiet
    “You be good for me today. Let’s show your mama what you are made of.”


  • Finally got this done! Enjoy everyone!

  • @Lana-Rea-Collins <3 He is such a beautiful boy, thank you for allowing me to bring him back to Pennyrile!

  • No problem! I know you will take care of him!

  • I was going through and updating my stock horses and decided to show some of them off :)

    ERSH Gentleman Like It Hott
    ERSH Hollywood Hottie X ERSH Against the Grain
    (+9) Ranch Versatility & (+2) Working Cow
    RV: 163 | WCH: 6
    George is out of my very first paint stallion "Hottie". His sire is one of the highest pointed stallions in Ranch Versatility. He has taken to the discipline well, and will be finishing up his career before we know it!

    0_1488939085593_Gentlemen Like It HottBlog.png

    ERSH Loretta Lynne
    Foundation X Foundation
    (+5) Roping & (+1) Barrels & Poles
    Roping: 210 | B&P: 37
    Loretta is one of our most successful mares, she is going to be retired to broodmare soon, after having a long couple of years competing. This mare is one of our fastest, which has made her successful in her competition life.

    0_1488939041891_Loretta LynnBlog.png

    EER/ERSH Cash 4 Chex
    Big Chex to Cash X ERSH Against the Grain
    *(+2) Reining & (+10) Roping & (+3) Sorting & Penning
    Roping: 216
    Cash is definitely one of our favorites! A half sibling to George ^^ he has done very well for himself, out of the renowned stallion Big Chex to Cash. This flashy guy moves as flashy as his color is. He has had one filly to date who has not yet made her first start, we are looking forward to seeing how he advances in his stud career now that he has reached International Champion in roping.

    0_1488941480288_Cash 4 Chex Blog.png

  • I decided I needed to do some house cleaning and putting up the last two of my English Stock horses for sale :) This gorgeous girl below is definitely one of my favorites! It's very hard to let her go! Feel free to contact me if you are interested!

    Tallulah Falls
    Leroy's Rising Sun CEP X Party In the USA
    *(+7) Eventing & (+3) Show Hunters
    Eventing: 112 | Show Hunters: 121

    0_1489019734923_Tallulah Falls Sale.png

    0_1489019781185_Tallulah Falls Sale2.png

  • 0_1489519070608_lana_ava_med.png
    WHW Deadly Witchcraft

    I have been working on this edit for a while! This young mare is easily one of our most promising, her pedigree goes to the roots of West Haven lines out of WHW Nightshade, one of the highest pointed Tennessee Walking Horses competing on Equuss, and the gorgeous WHW Armed and Dangerous. I could not be more pleased with her training she is doing an amazing job in her late afternoon work out, always wants to please and willing to do anything that is asked of her. This mare is going to go far! Keep an eye on her in the English Pleasure and Fine Harness rings! (P.S. please ignore Sierra's wildly orange hair XD)



  • @Lana-Rea-Collins she is such a stunning mare! She will always be one of my favorites of yours 😍

  • @Maci-Collins Thank you! I need to see more of her half sister Nightlock!

  • It's been awhile since I updated, this time we are going to show off some of our newly acquired horses! I have gotten quite a few and have made the venture into Warmbloods! Today we have two horses who have been working hard at their training, Jessica has really been pushing herself and with the great weather we have been having it has made for an amazing day to work the horses! Both of these horses were purchased from @Lidija-Rotherford of RFE! I can't stress how excited and thrilled we are to have them become a part of our Sport Horse team!

    RFE Red Rubin
    Anglo-Arabian Mare -- Show Hunters -- 93 points (+7)
    She has only been here for a couple of months and already close to her next title!

    RFE Castigo
    Sweedish Warmblood -- Show Jumping -- 32 points (+11)
    This young stallion could not have made us more proud, his career has started off so well, already reaching his first title and doing beautifully under Jessica's guidance. He comes from an excellent pedigree and has really begun to settle in here. I would look for more shots of this handsome guy in the future! He has quickly become one of the barn favorites, and is officially the first Warmblood I have owned!

  • Can I share these on RFE's FB page? :D They look awesome!

    Oh and Rubin should have a hunter +5 pedigree bonus from her sire, check on the Lookup tool if he's listed! If not then send in a form to get those bonuses in! :D

  • I added it ^^ I just forgot lol +7 is what she gets now :) and of course, just tag me! I would be honored! Thanks so much for these guys they are awesome!

  • @Lana-Rea-Collins said in Lana-Rea Collins BLOG -- First Warmblood!:

    I added it ^^ I just forgot lol +7 is what she gets now :) and of course, just tag me! I would be honored! Thanks so much for these guys they are awesome!

    You are most welcome! It is so great to see them!

  • PR Committee

    I love seeing all of these gaited horses with their long flow-y mains and tails. It just looks so classy. Welcome to the world of warmbloods. Rubin is gorgeous!

  • @Johanna-Masters Thank you very much! We can always bring you over to the gaited side! I can't wait to get some good edits in on my other horses! I am absolutely in love with Red Rubin as well... I intend to be posting a lot of pictures of my new horses in the next coming days/weeks so keep a look out! I have so many more to show off

  • So many pretties! RFE Red Rubin is gorgeous. I :heart: Anglo Arabs. She has such a unique face marking.

  • Stunning album I adore your Arab and WHW Deadly Witchcraft has the most luxurious black coat! :heart_eyes:

  • @Skye-Valens thank you! I'm really partial to them as that's what I learned to ride English on :) mostly arabs. Expect to see more of them in my blog I am going to be breeding a few soon!

    @Kira-Simpson thank you she is definitely one of my most successful horses as far as her length of show career /points. I'm so happy with her!

  • Oh Lana.... I'm in love with Red Rubin, she's a pretty little thing <3 Of course ALL of your pons are, but that face is just major love

  • I just wanted to give a quick edit, and a tribute to one of my favorite SEA Mares. El-Arabia EXQ or "Elle" was bred by @X-tina-Hoxha of Exquisite Arabians, I purchased this mare a full real year (or more!) after I bought her colt AMS/BWA Master of Illusion from Al-Marah Stud, an old lined Arabian breeding program that has since disappeared. I could not have hoped for a better-mannered mare. She loves to work and has grown quite attached to Jessica our trainer. Her colt has gone on to win several stakes races and not too long ago reached his International Champion title in Flat Racing. I could not be more pleased to be the owner of this lovely girl. She really is a treasure.

    El-Arabia EXQ
    Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare -- Eventing -- 16 1/2 years
    0_1492276723009_El Arabia EXQ.png

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