[ENDS 5/25] Whippoorwill Trials Endurance Challenge

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    Whippoorwill Trials
    Ends May 25th 23:59 EST
    Judged by Nikki Calvaria

    Welcome to the first Endurance Challenge hosted by Whippoorwill Estate! This show does not award official Equus points. There are no entry fees.


    • Members may enter one horse total. Multiple entries will be disqualified.
    • Horses do not have to registered to compete in this show and can compete in any level.
    • If there are more than 10 participants in one class, it will be split. Phantoms will not be added.
    • There is no required world for this show, feel free to get creative with your choice of setting
    • Entries are not judged by their perfection, rather by their cohesiveness and realism- in other words, feel free to submit a ‘fail’ entry!
    • Entries must be part of the timed part of a show- i.e. a picture of a horse being unloaded before the show would be disqualified.
    • Horse may not be entered multiple times by different members.
    • Entries must be submitted via the Google form AND posted in the thread. Entries that are not submitted via the Google form will not be judged!
    • Photos must be taken and edited for this show only - photos from previous T shows, previous challenges, and album updates will be disqualified.
    • Please direct comments and questions to the chatter thread.


    Beginner : 10-20 Miles (Unedited)
    Beginner : 10-20 Miles (Edited)
    Amateur : 30-60 Miles (Unedited)
    Amateur : 30-60 Miles (Edited)
    Veteran : 70-100 Miles (Unedited)
    Veteran : 70-100 Miles (Edited)


    Beginner (N)

    • 1st - $15,000
    • 2nd - $10,000
    • 3rd - $5,000

    Beginner (E)

    • 1st - $15,000
    • 2nd - $10,000
    • 3rd - $5,000

    Amateur (N)

    • 1st - $25,000
    • 2nd - $15,000
    • 3rd - $10,000

    Amateur (E)

    • 1st - $25,000
    • 2nd - $15,000
    • 3rd - $10,000

    Veteran (N)

    • 1st - $30,000
    • 2nd - $20,000
    • 3rd - $15,000

    Veteran (E)

    • 1st - $30,000
    • 2nd - $20,000
    • 3rd - $15,000

    Best In Show (Best Overall Entry) (Unedited)

    • 1st - $30,000
    • 2nd - $20,000
    • 3rd - $15,000

    Best In Show (Best Overall Entry) (Edited)

    • 1st - $50,000
    • 2nd - $30,000
    • 3rd - $20,000

    Door Prizes (Raffled off randomly to entrants, awarded at the posting of results)

    • Pack of 3 leg/face markings
    • 1 fullbody marking
    • $10,000
    • 1 blind Pintabian import
    • 1 blind Arabian import

    Enter the show here

    Raw List

    Forum Entry Card:

    **Horse Name:**
    **Owner Name:**
    **Stable Represented:**
    **Rider Name:**
    **Level Entered:**
    **Movement Performed:**

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  • Horse Name: Fae's Freeshade
    Owner Name: Luke Teth
    Stable Represented: Dapper Fellows Fields
    Rider Name: Circe Naxxremis
    Level Entered: Beginner (Unedited)
    Movement Performed: Walking down a slope.

    alt text

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    Horse Name: Labascatille
    Owner Name: Elsie Spectre
    Stable Represented: Crossroads
    Rider Name: LouTailler
    Level Entered: Beginner Edited
    Movement Performed: Trot uphill


  • Moderation Committee

    Horse Name: Z Festus
    Owner Name: Samantha Lockhart
    Stable Represented: Tundra Mountain Stables
    Rider Name: Kylee Miles
    Level Entered: Amateur (N)
    Movement Performed: Trotting towards stream
    alt text

  • Horse Name: PMS Dragonfly
    Owner Name: Kira Simpson
    Stable Represented: Fancy Prance Farm
    Rider Name: Kira Simpson
    Level Entered: Beginner
    Movement Performed: Canter on beach

    alt text

  • Development Committee

    Horse Name: RLA Marrakesh
    Owner Name: X-tina Hoxha
    Stable Represented: Exquisite Arabians
    Rider Name: Ameena Moussa
    Level Entered: Beginner (N)
    Movement Performed: Trot along path
    alt text

  • Horse Name: DHS Lantesh
    Owner Name: Lidija Rotherford
    Stable Represented: Rotherford Farms Estate
    Rider Name: Gena Weeks
    Level Entered: Veteran : 70-100 Miles (Edited)
    Movement Performed: climbing up a hill

    "A seasoned horse as he is I was expecting no surprises this time around. Since Rotherford bought him we already got two wins on 80 mile rides, at Hewitts and Boca Raton. The beginning of todays ride went great, we even had time for a little chat with a fellow rider sometime after the first vet stop. Lantesh is fast and always does his job, so I was not worried.
    We parted ways with my friend soon after, both me and my spotted stallion are always hungry for a win.
    Sometime after half of the ride was finished, we were up on a hill and it was only getting steeper. Lantesh was full of power, and noticed he will be needing more strenght to get up. I noticed it, too, but thought of pushing him more forward a bit later. In a second we passed a big pine tree and the slowly setting sun shone through the branches and into my eyes, distracting my attention for a split second. And in that split second Lantesh decided he'll pull forward! I got thrown out of my balance and went to grab his neck to stay on as he took a few big, long, uphill gallop strides toward the hill."

    alt text

  • Horse Name: Kalico AA
    Owner Name: Tasha White
    Stable Represented: Amira Arabians
    Rider Name: Tasha White
    Level Entered: Amateur (E)
    Movement Performed: Interrupted half way through by a passing cat.
    alt text

  • Horse Name: Sahra Pasharah
    Owner Name: Katherine Star Ackles
    Stable Represented: Polish Stars Stable
    Rider Name: Katherine Star Ackles
    Level Entered: Veteran : 70-100 Miles (Edited)
    Movement Performed: Climbing on mountain
    alt text

  • Horse Name: ZHG Trussardi
    Owner Name: Maria Jones
    Stable Represented: Zuchtgestüt Highgrove
    Rider Name: Maria Jones
    Level Entered: Amateur (E)
    Movement Performed: Cantering and cooling the horse down

    It was a hot day and we could already see the finish line but I was still happy to see Anna standing next to the path, waiting to give me some water. I slowed Trussardi down as I reached for the bottle in the woman's hand.
    I took a sip from the cold water and doused both sides of my stallion's neck with the rest of it to cool him down.

    alt text

  • Horse Name: Celadine AR
    Owner Name: Kayla Meyors
    Stable Represented: Shady Hollow Stables
    Rider Name: Kayla Meyors
    Level Entered: Beginner (Unedited)
    Movement Performed: Trot up-hill
    alt text

  • Horse Name: Lazize PS
    Owner Name: Gwen Parker
    Stable Represented: Lewens Stud
    Rider Name: Andrew Sanders
    Level Entered: Amatuer (E)
    Movement Performed: Cantering in the thorn bush savanna

    alt text

  • PR Committee

    Horse Name: Honeyduke of Wintermist
    Owner Name: Callixta Rosella
    Stable Represented: Wintermist
    Rider Name: Harper Carrow
    Level Entered: Amateur : 30-60 Miles (Unedited)
    Movement Performed: Crossing the stream

    alt text
    Sometimes you just need one brave little pony to lead the way through the water filled with lurking monsters.

  • PR Committee

    Horse Name: ART Amara
    Owner Name: Andrea Burdine
    Stable Represented: Rosewood Center
    Rider Name: Andrea Burdine
    Level Entered: Amateur Unedited
    Movement Performed: Canter Toward Finish

    Amara already has a few shows under her belt, but she is still a young little mare. Endurance is where she belongs; she's motivated and fast, but doesn't quite understand that she can take some of the race slow. She did a wonderful job this run, but seemed to know exactly when the finish line was approaching. With about a mile left, she began trucking along in her (painfully) bouncy canter. I just let her go--there was no slowing Amara down when she was on a mission.

    alt text

  • Horse Name: Lauki fra Aliaedur
    Owner Name: Duri Mose
    Stable Represented: Aliaedur
    Rider Name: Ji Kim
    Level Entered: Unedited Beginner
    Movement Performed: tolting in woods
    Image: alt text

  • Horse Name: Aenigma ( horse in the front )
    Owner Name: Skye Valens
    Stable Represented: Shadowhaven Arabians
    Rider Name: Skye Valens
    Level Entered: Veteran : 70-100 Miles (Edited)
    Movement Performed: Trot through the desert

    "Hey Hun, Look at this" Steve called from the other side of the office. He had just come in from retrieving the mail and was holding a letter in his hand.

    Skye walked up behind him and he handed her the letter he had been holding. At the top of the letter were large bold words written in an arabic style font. "Al Simhara International Race Across the Desert" Then beneath it "You are cordially invited to attend the world reknowned Al Simhara Race Across the Desert endurance ride."

    The ride mentioned in the letter was something Skye had wanted to participate in since she started breeding endurance Arabians more than 10 years ago. A 100 mile endurance ride across the deserts of Al Simhara that was held annually. Participation was by invitation only from the internationally respected Al Simhara Endurance Association.

    Steve smiled at her "We have to go."

    They embarked on their trip to Al Simhara a week later, 2 months in advance of the ride. They wanted time for the horses to acclimate to the desert environment they would be riding in.

    On the day of the race they were excited and nervous, knowing they would be competing against some of the best riders and horses in the world. They had chosen to bring two of their best horses. Skye would be riding Aenigma a pure polish stallion and Steve would be riding Spellbound another pure polish stallion. These were 2 of their most successful endurance horses and the horses they always competed with when riding together in an endurance ride.

    The desert was hot but beautiful. At the starting line there looked to be around 100 riders total. Skye was enamoured with all the beautiful Arabian horses around her.

    The Ride began and she and Steve set off on their 100 mile journey across the beautiful deserts of Al Simhara. Some 25 miles into the ride they found themselves trotting past what appeared to be a herd of wild Arabian horses on the top of a sand dune. Their beauty was breathtaking, it was a sight Skye would not soon forget.

    alt text

  • Horse Name: Sahra Sarai
    Owner Name: Jase Sunshine
    Stable Represented: Yesterday's Dream Ranch
    Rider Name: Jase Sunshine
    Level Entered: Beginner : 10-20 Miles (Unedited)
    Movement Performed: Trotting through some old ruins

  • Horse Name: MFU Awakening
    Owner Name: Karen Phoenix
    Stable Represented: Mirage of Forgotten Unicorns
    Rider Name: Sarisa Orens
    Level Entered: Beginner (E)
    Movement Performed: The main "chestnut pair" are slowly trotting, giving the opportunity for the "bay pair" to catch up with them, as they want to share experiences so far and continue the path through a small forest together for a while. They are from the same stable and are very good friends, and all are the novices, both riders and horses.
    alt text

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    Horse Name: D. Lady Lancelot
    Owner Name: Blake Bellanaris
    Stable Represented: Hollow Creek Equestrian
    Rider Name: Andre Law
    Level Entered: Amateur Unedited
    Movement Performed: Attempting to cross the stream (keyword attempting)

    One would think that with all of her experience, Lannie wouldn't freak out over crossing a small stream. It turns out today was just a really bad day and crossing the stream was the worst thing you could ask her to do.

  • Development Committee

    Horse Name: FAN Valimar
    Owner Name: Fiora Healy
    Stable Represented: Fangorn EC
    Rider Name: Fiora Healy
    Level Entered: Veteran (N)
    Movement Performed:
    Fiora and Valimar are a great team and they know each other very well. But sometimes you just have bad luck.
    During the course the stallion heard something "really" spooky up in the hills and jumped forward very quickly so his rider fell off to the ground.
    Fiora is usually an experienced rider and Valimar is a very relaxed stallion most of the time so she was kind of surprised by this incident.
    After she has catched him she examine him and also herself carefully for injuries but nothing serious happended.
    So they continued their way after they calmed down a little.

    (Picture is shot during a 70 miles course in Ireland on an unusually sunny day. It was taken with Reshade 3.0 and DOF on)


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    :exclamation: :exclamation: Please remember to submit your entries via the google form. Entries not submitted through the form will not be judged!

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