[FOUND] Seeking Experienced Builder (paying over 100k)

  • @Diana-Sæterbakken Thank you for building a dream facility for me and my horses!

    Seeking experienced builder
    WANTED: Thoroughbred Racehorse Facility
    [not a racehorse track]

    I would like something elegant and bold but not too brightly colored. I would suggest taking inspiration from big racing stables, such as Taylor Made or similar.

    I just want a nice place for my horses to be able to call home.
    The current one I have is a bit out of date and not up to the standards I have set for 2017.

    Willing to pay an exceptional amount.
    Around $100,000 to $200,000.
    Willing to go to $300,000 for the right build.
    The more I love the look and feel of it, the more I'll pay for it.

    More details:

    • 64x64 lot

    • Main house and main barn - barn separated from main house by a short distance.

    • Thoroughbred-esque stall walls (sides and front)

    • 5 to 10 stalls, the more the merrier though!

    • Concrete path leading to the main house and barn area.
      Also, maybe even have a courtyard type of area in front.

    • Round pen (for exercising the younguns')

    • Medium to large sized pasture(s), depending on how much room is left afterwards.

    • Medium sized wash room indoors to bathe the horses.

    • Signs by the doors to certain areas such as "bathroom", "tack room", "feed room", etc.

    • Unfurnished main house because too much work to figure out what CC I do and don't have.

    • Horse statues

    • Plus, anything else you think of that would be great for the build.

    Please comment below if you are able to work on such a build.

  • bump - looking for this specific build asap. <3

  • How many stalls you need?

  • I'd like at least 5 to 10 stalls on each side, depending on the size of the barn. <3

  • So a total of 10 to 20 stalls? the more the better? xD

  • haha oh yea definitely XD ;) It's likely that around 10 would do the job but the more the merrier! I just want a super realistic barn area <3 :)

  • @Heather-Grissett

    I HAVE EXPIRIENCE ON BUILDING. heres one of my current building barns and my sims house. i see you want something way smaller bbut so you can have an idea do you want all that in one lot ?
    note that this barn is not done still missing decoration
    the barn you are watching is a boarding barn
    this barn has separated spaces for every type of horses from western horses baroques arabians ponys exotics and jumpers

    has about 6 wash rooms 32 stalls 2 tack rooms. room for night vigilant. a place to tie everyhorse outside of their stalls. a fed room. office, riders room with lockers and showers. a small arena which can be divided in 4 where lessons are given

    .8_1493776658561_Screenshot-522.jpg 7_1493776658561_Screenshot-521.jpg 6_1493776658561_Screenshot-520.jpg 5_1493776658560_Screenshot-519.jpg 4_1493776658560_Screenshot-518.jpg 3_1493776658560_Screenshot-517.jpg 2_1493776658559_Screenshot-516.jpg 1_1493776658558_Screenshot-515.jpg 0_1493776658557_Screenshot-514.jpg


    house is kind of exaggerated. i have used and made space everywhere since i have like 10 sim kids. there you can see the limits i can reach. rooms are built even in the basement for my family to fit. this house has a total of 12 rooms. which are divided in the next way.

    basicly the teens loft they are 7 rooms each with its own bathroom a
    living room a bar and there's space for a kitchen i will build.

    Basicly the house entrance. a huge reciever, a dinning room , kitchen , 2 bathrooms, tv room, office and living room.

    Basicly the rooms. 2 rooms which share one bathroom, one main room with its own private bathroom and a small ofice with some small ¿ladder? that leads to the attic.

    one room with its bathroom crossing the hallway, a small loft with a kitchen, bathroom , small livinng room / bedroom. Cinema with male and female bathrooms. 2 small ofices

    on the back yard a small gazebo a pool and a lake
    front yard courtyard/parking lot.
    5_1493777597525_Screenshot-528.jpg 4_1493777597524_Screenshot-527.jpg 3_1493777597523_Screenshot-526.jpg 2_1493777597522_Screenshot-525.jpg 1_1493777597520_Screenshot-524.jpg 0_1493777597517_Screenshot-523.jpg

    IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF MY WORK YOU CAN SEE A PAIR OF MY OTHER BARNS AT http://peredashowstables.weebly.com/facilites.html


  • im glad to note that my stables are 100 against horse escape. this thanks to a metal bar placed inside the stabables

  • Looks interesting, i'll let you know if I need you anytime soon :)

  • @Heather-Grissett if you want i can make a paper hand design and them u can chose

  • I will let you know, not in too big of a hurry to have a new racehorse facility, but as they say.. the sooner the better. :)

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