[Ends 24 ALB] Eventing Stallion Breeding BERLIOZ HF

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    For the first time we are auctioning off one breeding slot to our top stallion Berlioz HF. He is currently unproved as a stud and as such this will be his very first foal. He will only be up for private breeding in the future so this is the only public chance to get a breeding from him. Berlioz is a talented sport horse with the athleticism, technique and attitude required of a champion. He frequently dominated in traditional shows, and continues to succeed in random shows today. He has a top eventing pedigree, being sired by CDC Henri Lloyd and out of the talented mare AmB Honigbiene, with many well known names in his pedigree such as WHM Henri d'Armitz, Wifi HF, Howler HF and Herbstgewitter v.g.Konigsberg who each have gone on to reach the top tiers of competition.

    Auction Information

    • The total bonus Berlioz gives is 15 in eventing and 5 in dressage. He has recently begun competing in Show Jumping and will eventually title in that also.
    • This is a 24 ALB auction, meaning that the auction will end once 24 hours have passed since the last bid placed.
    • The breeding can be redeemed at any time and does not have to be done immediately.
    • You may not bid on the behalf of another member, you can only bid for yourself.
    • You may use any breed of mare, and a titled mare is preferred.

    Horse Rules

    • The resulting foal must be active; meaning entries into random shows and if possible, scrapbook updates. Please do not bid if you don't have the time, interest or inclination to do so. Do not bid if you intend to lease the horse out for all its life and just use it solely for its pedigree points.
    • Shine markings and hair styles may be changed, but the coat and conformation may not be altered without permission. The horse should require no editing to pass registration.
    • The foal will carry my prefix and will be made by me, BIY is currently not offered. The foal will come with adult confo, but a foal confo and coat can also be offered at an extra price.
    • No public downloading of the horse, the coat and conformation may NOT be used as a base to make your own horses.
    • If you no longer want the horse for whatever reason please offer me first buyback, or if you don't have the time at the very least send the horse to the reclaim account.
    • I am happy to help you find any missing markings the horse may have.

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    $1000 STARTING BID

  • Breed Committee

    Start bid :hand_splayed:

  • How is it possible to miss this one? Even though I know this will leave my bank account empty, I at least try to lay my hands on him.


  • Breed Committee

    $6,000 ~

  • oh my lord... $ 7.000

  • $10.000...

  • Breed Committee

    $11,000 ~

  • $15,000 :)

  • Breed Committee

    $16,000 ~

  • 17k :O

  • 20,000 :joy:

  • 21k ......

  • 25,000... mine

  • $26,000 <3

  • Breed Committee

    $27,000 ~

  • 30k .....

  • Breed Committee

    $31,000 ~

  • 35k .....

  • Breed Committee

    $36,000 ~

  • $37,000...

  • Breed Committee

    $38,000 ~

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