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  • Welcome to the blog of Tisbury Stud. We show and breed Finnish Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds and Akhal Tekes.

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  • Hey there! Are first update is short on photos, but I just wanted to let you guys know what I'm doing. I'm making some new horses to add to our herd and plan on posting an intro to all of them separately. But I thought I'd give a little peek at our new Teke.

    alt text

  • One of our MANY new additions... A show jumping Thoroughbred mare named Blackstone's Komorebi.

    alt text

  • Part one of our new Thoroughbred Flat Racing line. All are foundations.

    Yorkshire Ripper. Stallion. Dominant White.
    alt text

    La Bestia. Stallion, Brown Frame Overo.
    alt text

    Citizen O. Mare. Black Rabicano.
    alt text

    The Serpent. Mare. Classic Champagne Splash.
    alt text
    (Blue poking his head in :p He'll be introduced in a future update,)

  • Vivien! These guys are gorgeous! Girl, I need a TB from you. :wink:

  • Your new Thoroughbreds look great! :)

  • @Kayla-Albright Thank you!

  • @Britton-Peirce Thanks!! I plan on opening an import service once I finish the six remaining racers ;)

  • SAEC Gold Dust was bred to Kassidi's RDEC Habraxa. The colt was a Buckskin Finnish Warmblood name Blackstone's Gold Rush. He is destined for a bright career in show jumping and receives a nice bonus. He looks so much like his sire and we couldn't be happier about it. He is currently staying with our mare Nora.

    alt text
    alt text

  • That's one big foal! :D

  • Part two of our new additions!!

    Concordia HW is a new import. She's a four year old Swedish Warmblood mare competing in show jumping. She has a sweet disposition and is easy going.
    alt text

    TMS Peaches n' Cream and TMS Mist Dancer are two Quarter Horses we purchased that each have titles. They are actively showing in dressage and Mist Dancer, aka Donner, will be up for stud eventually.
    alt text

    QMR Aristide and AvA Flirtation were both added right before I went on hiatus. They both have a formal introduction now! Ari is pending registration for eventing and Flirt for Western Pleasure.
    alt text

    SBS Reyna was also a new purchase. She is a current dressage competitor.
    alt text

    VAPH Sir Cumference is an addition we are VERY excited about. He's actively showing in dressage and show hunting. We're in love with how leggy he is!
    alt text

    We still have more racers to introduce as well!

  • Part two of our new racers

    The Zodiac. Stallion. Black
    alt text

    Monster of Florence. Mare. Bay.
    alt text

    Vampire of Silesia. Mare. Palomino Splash.
    alt text

    Giggling Nanny. Mare. Gray.
    alt text

    Night Stalker. Mare. Gray.
    alt text

  • Love all your horses ! Can't wait to see more of them ! :heart_decoration:

  • Hey guys, just a quick update I meant to post yesterday... I'm headed away from a few days on a much needed vacation. I'll be back next weekend with more pictures! If any shows come up I'll be looking for people to enter my babies so let me know if you can help!

    Xx Vivien

  • Back from vacation, but my depression is worse than pretty much ever. Trying to stay active in shows and trying to get updates done. Just will take longer than usual. I pop in once or so a day just to look at messages but thats about it. Thanks.

  • Highflyer L from Highcruiser L and Golden Dior BV.
    alt text

    Back in the Habit REC from ACT Jack Frost and FC Naughty Habit.
    alt text

    Hoofbeat's Prettiest Lioness from NFE/HCS Callista and RFE Il Re Leone.
    alt text

    DPPR Varya from Eretria's Vittorio and Golden Dior BV.
    alt text

  • PR Committee

    Varya is so pretty, what a gorgeous shade of chestnut! :heart_eyes:

  • They are all awesome, I just got my first Thoroughbred mare from Duri and I can't wait to update my blog with pictures of Alto. Your horses a so beautiful. Good luck with them.

  • Varya! :heart_decoration: She looks fantastic in your game :heart_eyes:

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