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    The Whitebrook Equestrian Center was established in 2011 by head trainer and owner Summer Swift. The WEC boasts an expansive state of the art facility that has everything to satisfy your equestrian needs. We are currently located on 25 acres in the rolling hills of Woodhearst. We have a lucrative breeding program with some of the most world famous Hanoverian stallions. Our experienced staff works hard to make sure that the needs of our clients are met. We offer a number of boarding and training services and have a number of lesson horses that can be matched to any skill level. The Whitebrook Equestrian Center is an active competition stable that competes in all disciplines.

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    Name Breed Gender Color Discipline
    WEC Legato Hanoverian Stallion Flaxen Chestnut Show Jumping
    WEC Prestige Hanoverian Mare Flaxen Chestnut Show Jumping
    WEC Extravagance Hanoverian Mare Dappled Grey Show Jumping
    SSE Kon-Tiki Hanoverian Stallion Dappled Bay Show Jumping
    WEC Valentina Hanoverian Mare Dappled Grey Show Jumping
    WEC Konstanze Hanoverian Mare Rose Grey Show Jumping
    WEC Biarritz Hanoverian Mare Chestnut Show Jumping
    WEC Cartier Hanoverian Stallion Dappled Bay Show Jumping
    Sontaran BR Irish Sport Horse Mare Chestnut Tobiano Show Jumping
    LMEC Palmira Danish Warmlood Mare Bay Show Jumping
    WEC Protege Hanoverian Stallion Flaxen Chestnut Show Jumping
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    Name Breed Gender Color Discipline
    WEC Cambridge Hanoverian Stallion Rose Grey Eventing
    Rosenkatie .BV Hanoverian Mare Chestnut Eventing
    WEC Cambridge Hanoverian Stallion Rose Grey Eventing
    Ocean Pearl's Commander Thoroughbred Stallion Buckskin Eventing
    HVS Lelianna Knabstrupper Mare Leopard Spotted Eventing
    ME Navar Hanoverian Stallion Black Eventing
    ILA Cricket Hanoverian Mare Bay Eventing
    WEC Coup D'etat Hanoverian Stallion Dappled Grey Eventing
    Havoc L Swedish Warmblood Stallion Sooty Bay Eventing
    Ocean Pearl's Bambi Bee Thoroughbred Mare Grey Eventing
    Eretria's Seritza Dutch Warmblood Mare Bay Eventing
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    Name Breed Gender Color Discipline
    LEC Chaplin Hanoverian Stallion Black Dressage
    WEC Ravallo Oldenburg Stallion Black and White Tobiano Dressage
    LEC Tonight We Tanqueray Hanoverian Stallion Black Dressage
    Serafina REC Hanoverian Mare Bay Dressage
    ILA Calistus Hanoverian Stallion Chestnut Dressage
    Xanthos HF Hanoverian Stallion Grey Dressage
    Quintero L Dutch Warmblood Stallion Dappled Grey Dressage
    WEC Tamarillo n' Tanqueray Hanoverian Mare Bay Dressage
    WEC Calagero Hanoverian Stallion Black Dressage
    Davignon Dutch Warmblood Stallion Liver Chestnut Dressage
    Monaco HA Dutch Warmblood Mare Bay Dressage
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    Monaco HA Dutch Warmblood Mare
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  • While Summer Swift is still studying abroad and will be away from the farm for a little longer, assistant trainer Tessa has been holding down the fort at the Whitebrook Equestrian Center. When she saw that the incredible Highcruiser L was up for stud she simply had to jump on the chance to incorporate his lineage into the Whitebrook show stable. She quickly called Summer to help choose a suitable mare. After some back and forth they both agreed on their big chestnut eventing mare, Rosenkatie .BV! Rosenkatie took the trip over to Lindens stud where she was bred to the stallion successfully. We are expecting great things from this little eventing baby, and we cannot wait to welcome this little guy or girl to the Whitebrook Equestrian Center!

    alt text
    Pictured above is Rosenkatie .BV in foal during her afternoon turnout with WEC Konstanze

    We are expecting great things from this little eventing baby, and we cannot wait to welcome this little guy or girl to the Whitebrook Equestrian Center!

  • PR Committee

    Ooooh I love that shade of chestnut! and their flowy tails are lovely too! :smile:

  • @Luke-Teth Thank you Luke! I am crap at editing tails and don't have a tablet so I cut Rosenkatie's off :face_palm_tone2:

  • So cute and pretty ladies!

  • yay! So happy to see you back and posting pretty pictures!

  • @Natalie-Sans Thanks Natalie!
    @Breanna-Fahnestock Thanks Breanna! Not back full time but I have been feeling some inspiration!

    Quintero L got all pretty for a photoshoot today. He is one of our warmbloods who compete in Dressage that we purchased from Linden's, can you tell we love her horses?

    Text/image here

  • Oh that coat is gorgeous! Stuning boy <3

  • PR Committee

    Big floofy tail 👅👀

  • Competition Committee

    Aww there he is, "my" pretty boy <3 He looks amazing as always :slight_smile: Let me know if you want an update of him and Havoc :slight_smile:

  • Thank you everyone! He does have quite the bushy tail in game as well, hes quite the looker!

    Tessa had some spare time between lessons at the barn and so she took Havoc L out for a little portrait session as well. Havoc is one of our up and coming eventers, and he also comes from Annie at Lindens!

    alt text

  • Finally an blog from you! ^^ Your facilities looks really cozy and welcoming and I can't wait to get an proper tour inside them later ^^

    Now your horses, they're gorgeous all of them and it's nothing more beautiful than an preggo mare with big round belly and I really want to lean my head on it and feel the baby move inside <3 can't wait to see when it's born especially with an stunning stallion as Hickstead as sire :heart_eyes:

  • Beautiful horses and facilities! Love it :blush: :heart_eyes:

  • Your facility is so beautiful I'm in complete awe of it ♥♥♥

  • Your facilities OMG, just beautiful!! :astonished:

  • I'm so happy to see your pictures and horses again, and even happier to see you back here ^^
    Quintero and Havoc are both gorgeous <3

  • Wow, Havoc is stunning!! :heart_eyes:

  • @Christina-Lindblad Thank you darling <3 my profile pictures can never compare to yours of course ;)
    @Malin-Støvreide Thank you! I really admire yours as well! <3
    @Serenity-Gwin Thank you! I hope to take more pictures of it and show it off soon
    @Shannon-Grant Thanks! Keep a lookout for more pictures of my facilities coming soon!
    @Eowyn-Vance Thank you <3 <3 I'm not back permanently but I have a break from school right now so I figured I might as well jump back in while I have some free time and I'm feeling inspired!
    @Iris-Hammel Thanks! I can't take any credit, Annie Emerson bred me quite the stunning little man! He is definitely one of my favorites

    Tessa had some spare time today to take 2 more profile pictures so she chose two of our newer horses. The first is Davignon, a Dutch Warmblood dressage stallion. The second is of the beautiful Eretria's Seritza. an eventing mare bred for us by Jasmin at Presidential Stables. These two are just starting out their show careers here at Whitebrook so expect to see much more of them!

    The picture of Davignon was taken at noon during her lunch break, and the picture of Seritza is from 4 pm when she finished her afternoon lessons. We much prefer the lighting in the late afternoon, what do you guys think?

    alt text
    alt text
    Eretria's Seritza

  • So glad to see that you're still around! I've missed seeing your horses so much! They all look stunning.

    As far as the lighting shoot goes... I actually like the first one better because I've never been a big fan of all the red tones.

  • You really inspire me with your confo shots, I really should try to take ones of my horses too!

  • Late afternoon lighting preferred as well!

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