[Sold] Young Dutch Warmblood stallion

  •                                                        HARAS   DE   KERGLENN


    • Do not put this horse up for mass download.
    • You can't change coat, name, conformation and prefix.
    • If you wish to geld a stallion, please contact the original owner to make sure this is okay.
    • If you go inactive for one Equus year, the original owner may be entitled to reclaim the horse.
    • To show that you have read and agree to these terms, please include your favorite color in your application.
    • Active show homes are a must.

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    Gotham City de Kerglenn
    3rd gene, KWPN, stallion, Eventing (no point, i don't know if he has bonus points).

    Tamron is an amazing stallion, with great movment and he love work. He is a good jumper with a slim mouth. He has not to exciting for a stallion, kids can ride him. He's young and he always want learn more. He's mother, RDEC Granada, is the daughter to RDEC Amabassador and RDEC Gardemarin. I guess Gotham City shin in his disciplines when he's learning be finished.


  • @Ludivine-O'nells Hi! I am highly interested! Could you let me know how much points does his parents/grand parents have please? Thank you!

  • Hi @Deheive-Aro,

    His parents : RDEC Granada (66 pts- Eventing) / Sirius de Kerglenn (54 pts - Eventing)
    For grand parents, I don't know, parents to Granada are RDEC Ambassador & RDEC Gardemarin. Sirius is just a 1st Generation. :)

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