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  • Hello! I think we have something to explain - I do my screens in two separate saves, one of which is dedicated to contemporary ranch Three Stars Ranch, where bred Quarter and Appaloosa, and the second - the legendary Texas Rangers) Screenshots from the second saves I try to maintain the spirit of the Old West 1885. There will appear the screens and those and others) Comments are welcome) PS Sorry for my english) Jess Fletcher and Joe Brown alt text

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  • Few staff Three Star Ranch)
    Name: George Fletcher
    Age: 67
    Birthday: April 4,
    Nationality: American
    Specialization: western, Hx, steer wrestling
    Roughrider: - Dreamcatcher
    Rancher Three Stars, former champion Steer Wrestling, coach. Soulful old man, calm and good-natured. Cowboy to the bone, a passionate lover of horses and country life. In his youth, he was married, but his wife, and did not imbued with the pleasures of life on the ranch, at the earliest opportunity evaporated in Washington in the company of a scoundrel - a businessman, leaving George ten year old son and a persistent frustration in the female half of humanity.
    alt text
    Name: Jesse Fletcher
    Age: 17
    Birthday: April 1,
    Nationality: American
    Specialization: western, Hx
    Roughrider: Joe Brown, Piranha
    As a child, I was very weak and sickly child. Following the recommendations of doctors to change the climate to a warm and dry, the parents, unable to move to a new place of residence because of work, have been forced to send his son to his grandfather in Texas. At first, Jess, who was then barely 7 years old, was very upset by the separation from their parents and their stay at the ranch began by saying that grabbed pneumonia and almost died.
    " But I knew that this guy can handle it, - said then George Fletcher - even when it seemed that all the really bad and no hope that simple do not give up in his veins flows the blood of Texan , and Texans . " .
    Recovering from illness, the boy gradually began to get used to a new life, and now, in his own words, does not think of its existence away from the horses and nature. "All the people would be much happier if from time to time forget about their affairs, and just looked at the sky" - Jess said, scratching his golden mane Joe Brown and red quarterhorse nods his head.
    Friendly, balanced, not over the age of responsible and serious, in addition to horseback riding is also engaged in taekwondo, Fast Draw and Cowboy mounted shooting. After a trip to the profile Camp Junior Texas Ranger Camp in Waco firmly decided on the choice of future profession.

    alt text

    Name : Rachel Riley
    Age: 17
    Birthday : October 2,
    Nationality : American
    Specialization : western , Hx
    Roughrider : Rocky
    Headstrong , emotional and impressionable , still not emerged from the famous teenage flowing in with all the consequences , and mood swings . Throughout his adult life spent in the city , seeing nature only on TV , but the trail tour route - on the rare occasions when the family of Rachel managed to escape on holiday .
    It is not surprising that the news of the move (his father was a welcome increase in the oil company , where he worked for the past five years ) almost across the country , in a tiny town in the south of Texas , located almost on the border with Mexico , was a real shock for her.
    She loves animals and always wanted a pet , but the parents were not allowed to - mother and father from morning till night at work disappeared , and Riley all available school time spent in various studios and sections . He is fond of drawing and writing.

    alt text

    Name : Jessica Johnson
    Age: 29
    Birthday : February 22
    Nationality : American
    Specialization : western , Hx , a barrel
    Roughrider : Gold Prairie , Peacemaker
    Coach , an expert on Barrel racing . Typical cowgirl - energetic, patriotic , energetic and irrepressible , from the category of people , of whom say " finger in your mouth not put ."
    Always can stand up for themselves, became independent early - childhood spent in a tiny trailer on the outskirts of town, always drunkard father and from morning to night is lost at the mother is very contributed to this. Although not too cloudless childhood, very friendly, sociable and optimistic. She loves horses, rodeo, country music and revelry with friends. The family plan is that the free, because they do not yet met his "cowboy"; very meticulously applies to the choice of a partner, because they do not want to repeat the mistake of his mother. Excellent plays guitar and professionally photographed.

    alt text

    Name : Leon Kennedy
    Age: 30
    Birthday : February 27
    Nationality: American
    Specialization : western , jumping
    Roughrider : WRN Martini
    ( The character belongs to the universe Rezident Ivel and Implementation of Capcom. Сharacters in the world of The Sims 3 belongs to me ;)

    alt text

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  • Jess and Riley train under the guidance of George Fletcher
    0_1484076366500_треня555 (2).png

  • Jess and Rocky

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    I said it in your scrapbook on the old forum and I'll say it again; the lighting and mood in your pictures is mind boggling! :heart_eyes: And your sims are divine and not to mention your editing!

  • the lightning and way your edit you pics are divine.

  • @Elin-Fredriksdotter said in Three Stars Ranch:

    I said it in your scrapbook on the old forum and I'll say it again; the lighting and mood in your pictures is mind boggling! :heart_eyes: And your sims are divine and not to mention your editing!

    Thank you very much, I am extremely pleased to read such comments!)))

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    the lightning and way your edit you pics are divine.

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  • I think I'll introduce you to the characters in my second save in Sims 3 - Texas Rangers)
    Name: Christian Monroe
    Age: 30
    Occupation: Texas Ranger, Sgt.
    Birthday: July 14
    vot you a brief biography)
    Chris Monroe, Texas Ranger. Age 29 years. A little above average height, broad-shouldered, with a weathered tanned face and gray eyes like steel. Of special signs - ragged scar on his chest (resulting showdown with intractable grizzly bear). Wearing a red shirt, jeans, a faded Stetson, boots with spurs and suede jacket with fringe. Externally - always calm and unruffled, but those who know him well, know that this calm spring charging.
    Looking into your eyes and friendly smile, he can not change of expression, the right one to break your jaw - but only if you have a long and very carefully asking for such actions. He does not like to talk about his past. Always sweeps fireplace, leaving the parking lot, never to sit with his back to the window and door openings and does not look in the dark on fire, but not because of persecution mania as it may seem at first glance, but because of the fact that once upon a time all these actions have become so familiar to him and mundane that it just does not pay attention to them.
    Always and everywhere guided by their own code of honor. Usually it gives the enemy a chance, but woe to those who did not want to take advantage of this chance.
    Excellent tracker, able to survive in any terrain and in all weather conditions. He is fluent in the methods of guerrilla combat, well versed in herbs and medicine in general.
    Of the two weapons is "Peacemaker" on the belt 45, the hard drive in the saddle holster (respect for the long range) and Arkansas toothpick for jacket collar. Equally good shot with both hands, but few still alive knows about this.
    Rides on a sleek black stallion with a white blaze on his face for the kid named.
    When the - sometime in the future wants to go to California - "stare at the Pacific Ocean and beautiful girls."

    0_1484328443921_Крис 800пкс.jpg

  • Joe Young (real name Jeong Lee Wong)
    Age: 27
    Occupation: texas ranger, soldier
    A distinctive feature: pyromaniac
    Birthday: April 19
    Not too good at handling the hard drive, but the stick of dynamite in his hands can work wonders. Excellent speaks in English, except when deliberately trying matted fool, with fantastic reliability depicting the face 'my yours do not understand. " However, with Bill Flannagan this trick not roll. As for Major Payne - so he did and come into a state of extreme rage.
    In early childhood, he emigrated with his parents to the United States. Mother and father could not remember his - they were lost somewhere in the vast expanses of the Wild West, when Joe barely four years old, and over the next ten years, brought his grandfather, living together with him constantly move around the village railway workers. The old man Shaon Lei was talkative, sincere person, and get hold of a bottle of whiskey after a modest pay tracklayer, became a real fount of Chinese wisdom, and mostly about the history of their homeland Chong Lee learned from him. Shortly before the completion of the transcontinental railroad old man fell ill, caught pneumonia and died in speed; and Joe, had already 15-year-old, the first time faced with the complexity of human existence his nationality in a foreign country. Constant ridicule, neglect and failure to obtain a more or less normal operation, gradually began to turn good-natured and sociable boy in a closed single-handedly, in my soul which every day more and more began to brew a protest, not yet conscious of his own to the end, but no less strong. Some time later he was able to engage in the illegal silver mine, where he worked for two years, perfectly mastered the art of demolition and permeated with manic love for everything that can ignite and explode.
    In the company of Border D Lee Chong I was completely by chance - it took a major ranger Brandon Payne, who became accidental witness to how the Chinese knocked and tried to strangle overseer, a whip beaten the boy, because he dropped the box of ore. At the cries of the warden came running armed security, and for the Chinese it would have been over, if there had been no major nearby.
    In a short time the mine was successfully eliminated and Chong Lee was in the ranks of the Texas Rangers, where he received his new name - Joe Young.


  • Name: Rick Wheeler
    Age: 17
    Occupation: texas ranger, soldier
    Birthday: May 3
    "Too young, too proud" - he loves to talk Ranger Captain Bill Flannagan. A hot-tempered, arrogant and stubborn to folly, from the novice category, who are studying exclusively on their skin. It has a truly fantastic talent everywhere to find adventure on the head, and the heads of those who are close.
    He likes to show off in front of civilians, especially in the eyes of the female half of the civilian population, due to which constantly merges into all sorts of unpleasant stories.
    Early he lost his father, who was killed in a drunken brawl in front of ten boys and 14 years lived with his mother - frivolous and dissolute lady in a tiny provincial town in east Texas. The 14 run away from home because of serious disagreement with another boyfriend mothers, and almost a year hanging around the state without a certain kind of activity, interrupting odd underworking and the fact that it was possible to steal secretly.
    15 was seen by Bill Flannagan for someone else attempt to wring the neck of a chicken in the backyard of the saloon, in some small town near Austin, for which he received moral reprimand, a hearty meal and a place in the company of border D.
    According to the captain, "this boy can get quite a good fighter, unless you die earlier than to learn to think, and then do it."


  • Name: Diego Aran
    Age: 27
    Occupation: Texas Ranger, Corporal
    Birthday: June 28
    Master in dealing with machetes, and a lover of "quiet" operation, although shoots pretty good. Several romantic, for that periodically receives demons from Bill Flannagan captain (or rather, per night walks to the heart lady across the Rio Grande * and vice versa). Whether because of the hot Spanish temperament, whether because of the youth experienced in trauma, has a tendency to periodic poorly controlled rage during the fight and went into a rage, it is not always able to stop in time.
    At the age of 17 years, he lost his parents and two younger brothers who were killed in a burning house during a raid of Mexican bandits on the ranch of his father, in the territory of Texas, near the Mexican border. The mother and father were killed in the shootout, and the Diego hard, almost mortally wounded, was picked up by a patrol siding Texas Ranger. Vowing to avenge the death of loved ones, a boy, barely recovered from his wounds, he was left in the company of Border D, where soon became one of the best fighters.


  • Name: Bill Flannagan
    Age: 50
    Occupation: Texas Ranger, Captain
    Birthday: March 28
    The noble middle-aged man, grown gray early, but has not lost the rigid military bearing, in which the nature of the most unthinkable way combined sarcasm and sincerity, optimism, bordering, at first glance, with a carelessness and firm responsibility, gentleness and serious rigor.
    Be honest and straightforward, fair. For most of the problems of life, of which in my lifetime seen a lot, relates with a fair amount of humor ( "If all the really bad - why should not laugh"). Few people realize (except for those that are familiar with Bill for a long time) that under that mocking irony hides a subtle sense of soul and paternally sensitive concern for his subordinates.
    In his youth, was married, but not for long - because of the work constantly threw him to the middle of nowhere for an indefinite amount of time, family life had no luck. For 30 years Eternally Burning Frontier has gone from private to captain, making about service Texas Ranger knows firsthand.


  • Name: Brandon Payne
    Age: 65
    Occupation: Texas Ranger, Major
    Birthday: October 9
    A walking encyclopedia on the survival and military affairs (all of encyclopedia materials based solely on practical experience), a zealous patriot, the guardian of order and discipline in everything from the smallest detail. Easily irritated and out of itself; even a minor mistake as a button on the collar torn rookie, it can lead to a state of extreme rage. Distinctive traits - perfectionism, bordering on fanaticism, and cruelty noticeable in teaching methods of their wards, at least at first glance.
    Former fighter cavalry USA has unfinished military education - 3rd year at West Point *, expelled for "defiant behavior, repeated violations of discipline and free-thinking" (a free-thinking implied disagreement with some moments on the subject of tactics of warfare in open terrain, but it does not matter ). The cavalry, which was sent to serve with the not very flattering letter of recommendation, served not long - a new conflict, played out with higher ranks, again on the basis of training new recruits, brought him a reputation quarrelsome man with a dangerous train of thought, and seemed to be put an end to his military career. But Brandon is not particularly upset.

    • West Point prepares suicide bombers, General, - he said, dismissing the army - what men teach in New York, does not apply here, in these steppes and deserts. Sending people to war unprepared, you are committing a crime, and I do not want to have anything to do with this. I went into the army not to send these boys to the slaughter, and packs write funerals.
      He returned to South Texas, where for some time worked as an assistant sheriff, married and soon became the proud father of two lovely kids. But civil life care could not drown out his "free-thinking". Therefore, as soon as he heard at the beginning of 1870 on the non-standard methods of combating Leander McNally ** with Mexican gangs, he immediately joined the Texas Rangers, *** while having virtually unlimited authority, and here his career quickly took off. It seemed that life is getting better, but fate had its own plans for the happiness and prosperity of Brandon Payne. In 1878, he lost both his sons (the eldest at the time was barely 19, the youngest - 18). Rosshey most of the time without a father, his boys stepped onto the slippery path by contacting the band and horse thieves were hanged by the verdict of the district judge. This was a heavy blow for Payne and his wife, who soon fell ill and died. "It's your fault, Brand" - were her last words.
      Already with a difficult character, Brandon Payne became even more withdrawn and irritable. Since then, no one had ever heard of his family; it became his personal terrible tragedy, in which he was not dedicated. However, Payne did not leave the service, on the contrary, took the matter even more zealously and soon managed to achieve in the general staff permission to specially trained small detachment of soldiers, then directed to the border D a company commanded by Captain Bill Flannagan. One of those lucky enough to go to school major, were Chris Monroe, Aran Diego and Joe Young.

  • Name: Will Carter
    Age: 49
    Occupation: Texas Ranger, Dr.
    Nickname: Doc, Mr Bore, Doctor
    Birthday: May 30,

    Skinny, dreary, and polysevshy early grizzled, long and stooped as furnace poker. Washed boring and pessimistic, with an exceptionally bleak perception of the world; listening to it, you can die from just one realization of hopelessness and meaninglessness of existence. Always dissatisfied with everything, he likes to grumble on every occasion and without, cynical and grumpy. In his youth, led a loose way of life, the memory of what scars on the nose and the left half of the face, and constantly squinting eyes; He has a penchant for gambling, drinking and women.
    Fairly well educated, well read and highly intelligent expert in the field of medicine; He knows how many ways to get from the world, and send back, and artistically, and enjoys both. Despite the problems with eyesight good shooting at close range and never parted with their long-barreled Colt Remington.
    Close to fifty years, tired of debauchery and travel, a donkey in a small town in the south of Texas, where he was engaged in medical practice, devoting all his spare time to reading, experimenting and playing poker with the local regulars at the saloon. It would seem that a quiet old age was provided, but his career was ended abruptly and rather unpleasant circumstances - the mayor managed to die from an overdose powder sold to him by a toothache, and the citizens, without going into details, accusing Carter of murder (shortly before Will squabbled with the mayor in front of an idle public), we decided to hang the scoundrel without trial, but the violence has prevented the patrol patrol Texas Ranger.
    After some time of judicial red tape, he joined the company of the D border, by a ranger service as an alternative to two years' imprisonment.

    0_1484329760262_Док 3.png

  • Texas Ranger Chris Monroe and his comrade Kid)

    0_1484330005369_ночь 333.png

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