WANTED: World Editor / Builder

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    Seeking experienced world editor and builder

    Paying up to 750K for a complete project

    Due to time commitments and skill, I find myself unable to finish the world I started editing. It was originally Eastlands, which I have since repurposed and done a little terrain painting on. I've also placed some lots, however this is pretty much the extent of my CAW and building skills. I am looking for someone to complete this world, with facilities and CAW fencing. Although I have laid out lots, I am not precious as to what goes into them / whether they are moved or removed. Basically, outside the general aesthetic, you have free rein. Currently the world is laid out like this, red lines are suggested paddocks / fencing:




    What I'd like included:

    • Indoor Arena
    • Outdoor Arena
    • Main barn
    • Smaller stallion barn
    • Third barn? Maybe?
    • Main house with small stable
    • Small vet clinic in green paddock area
    • CAW fencing around logical boundaries in the green paddock areas, and around those outlined in the first image.

    Buildings can be shells and do not need to be decorated. Layout is up to your discretion. The stable aesthetic should be Middle Eastern / Arabic, but I'm open to modern twists as well, examples here: STABLE EXAMPLES

    I'm very flexible about time limit, as I know this is a big project. DM me with examples of your buildings / world editing if you are interested in helping me out - this is on a name your price basis. There is no budget for this project.

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