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  • What is the difference between a Quarab and a Pintabian? Like had a friend call a Pintabian and a Quarab the same thing so now I'm confused.
    I have a Quarab in game and I'm about to get a Pintabian from a friend so I'm trying to figure it out...

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    A Quarab is a recent cross between arab and quarter horse / paint horse, such as 50% arab and 50% AQH, or 75% APH and 25% Arab, and accept crosses from any of those breeds so long as it isnt less than 12.5% stock or 12.5% arab (1/8th).

    A Pintabian is a very old cross between a paint horse and an arabian, bred back to arabs over and over until it is over 99% arabian but with paint horse colours (mostly tobiano). Pintabians accept outcrosses only from other Pintabians or purebred arabians, maintaining 99%+ arabian percentage.

  • @Elsie-Spectre thank you! This makes so much sense now. I don't feel bad about my Quarab template being more stocky now.

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