Addelle's Scrapbook: Hiatus.

  • Welcome to Hidden Brook! Hidden brook was founded by Addelle Watson, and is co-owned by her friend Cyber Wolf. We are starting fresh with only a fer horses. As of now the facilities are still under construction with one completed barn, an indoor arena and a small paddock already built.

    Our horses

    Name Breed Gender Discipline 1 Discipline 2 Points 1 Points 2
    HB Snow at Dawn Dutch Warmblood(Riding horse) Stallion Show Jumping N/A 0 N/A
    AWE Pyrotechnic Thoroughbred Stallion Eventing Show Jumping 0 0


    Name Breed Gender Discipline 1 Discipline 2 Points 1 Points 2
    Shadow of Diamond American Paint Horse Mare Reining Halter 16 0

  • We recently purchased an amazing little filly from @Nina-Ricchi named Shadow of Diamond. Here she is, running around in the paddock with her 'Big Brother' HB Snow at Dawn, or Snowman, our Dutch Warmblood Stallion.
    alt text

    A little more on Snowman:
    He is a stallion, but has the temperament of a lazy gelding most of the time. He is a dream to work with, according to his rider Emma. He is a 16 hand tall Dutch Warmblood that competes in Show Jumping, and is currently waiting for registration. We cant wait to get this big goof showing.
    alt text

    A little more on Diamond:
    This little mare is a 3 year old American Paint Horse. We bought her from Nina Ricchi, the owner of Lakewood Ranch. We are very excited to have this amazing little girl and cant wait for her trainer Dallas to get back from his trip to Arizona to continue her training.
    alt text

    A little more on Emma:
    Emma is an 18 year old young woman and Snowman's rider. She is very kind and somewhat shy, but she has total control when riding. She suffers from chronic anxiety and has a service dog named Rocko to help with it. Emma dreams of becoming an olympic level rider one day, and strives to make it there with the help of her amazing stallion.
    alt text

  • Ohhh my baby .. finally she has three and normally and has already start the competition... But why not start from scratch does not bother me.

  • Oh, Her birth date made me think shes 1. I can fix that.

  • @Addelle-Watson said in Addelle's Scrapbook: First Update!:

    Oh, Her birth date made me think shes 1. I can fix that.

    I must have been mistaken in its date. But yes she is already three years old and maybe the competition

  • Not a picture update, just some text.

    So, I have submited Snowman for registration and am very exciterd for when he starts showing. He and Diamond have really bonded and settled in at the stables well. Will have pictures by Saturday (hopefully!) I also made an automated show history using Elsie's tutorial.
    If anyone is interested in seeing it Here is the link. Im happy that I actually figured it out!

  • Just when everything finally seems to be going smooth and steady, it has to say a massive 'Nope!' and throw everything out the window. My computer keeps randomly having minor crashes, nothing is lost, just the computer shuts itself down and anything I have done that day, saved or not, is erased. My dad is going to look at it for me, so for now I will just be posting text updates, I know, boring.

    However, today before the crashing started I did get in and get a picture of the horses all settled in at the barn.
    alt text

    Emma let out a content sigh as she looked at the two horses, safe and happy in their stalls. "I will see you two tomorrow. Addelle, Dallas, and Cyber should be home tomorrow." She said as she gave the two one last stroke each. "I will see you two tomorrow." She walked to the door, listening to the soft nickering of her beloved stallion. Today had been a long day for her, and she couldn't wait to get home and cook some popcorn, watch a movie and get some well earned sleep. As she climbed into the truck with her Pitbull Rocko her phone rang. "Hi Addelle, whats up?"
    "We will be getting home late tomorrow, Someone forgot to buy the return tickets."
    "It was an honest mistake!" Cyber piped in from somewhere behind Addelle.
    "Thats ok. What time do you think itll be?" Emma asked.
    "Im not sure yet. Sorry Em, I know you could use some help over there." Addelle replied, a sorry tone to her voice.
    "Like I said, It's fine. Have fun with your extra time, bring me back something?"
    "Sure. Bye now.
    "Bye." With a sigh, she hung up and looked down at the dog now laying in her lap. "Well. Let's get home buddy." She said, gently stroking the dogs head. He moved back to his seat and the two left the sables to return to the empty and all too quiet house. "Just one more night."

  • ooohh Shade :) she is haapy

  • Got my computer fixed for the most part. Also, it is late and I have had very long day so please excuse the lack of editing in reins and stirrups and lack of story to go with them.

    alt text
    Emma and HB Snow at Dawn, aka Snowman, doing some warmups before doing some jumping. Snowman is finally registered and will start competing.

    alt text
    Dallas finally meeting Diamond for the first time and doing a little bonding exercise with her.

  • We have a new arrival here at Hidden Brook. A beautiful thoroughbred stallion that was imported for us by @Serenity-Gwin names AWE Pyrotechnic.
    alt text

    "So...This is him?" Emma asked as she watched the stallion gallop around.
    "Yep." Addelle said with a smile.
    "He's... Excitable? You sure you can handle him?"
    "Pssh. I'll be fine. Have some faith in me Em."
    "I'll keep 911 on speed dial." Dallas said as the stallion threw a buck.
    "Oh come on guys!" Addelle sighed.
    "Rocko! Get back here before you get kicked!"

    alt text
    A better image for his confo and coat. Pyro will be competing in eventing and show jumping. We cant wait to see how his career will go.

  • Pyro is gorgeous :blush:

  • @Effie-Phoenix said in Addelle's Scrapbook: Meet Pyro:

    Pyro is gorgeous :blush:

    Thank you! Though I cant take credit for his creation, he was made my Serenity Gwin. I love how he turned out :)

  • What a pretty Thoroughbred, I like his dapples :)

  • @Callixta-Rosella said in Addelle's Scrapbook: Meet Pyro:

    What a pretty Thoroughbred, I like his dapples :)

    Thank you :slight_smile:

  • I know i only just really came back to the sims but something just happened irl that has left me living back with my parents and so depressed I cant find any motivation to get into it. I will still enter horses in R shows, but I might not update my blog for quite some time while I get over this. I hope you all understand.

  • So, a lot has happened in this last month. I had a job interview today at Burger King (A jobs a job.) And I am taking riding lessons, and doing well from what my trainer said. I will try to come back soon, but life is going to become very busy if/when I start this new job. So in the mean time here is a blurry picture of me and my lesson horse Cherokee taken by my sister.

    alt text

  • So.. I know I'm not the most active on here to begin with. But I am taking a hiatus. I found out one of my best friends is moving and I may not see him again... He honestly means the world to me, so I want to spend as much time with him as I can before he leaves. I'm not sure how long this will be, and I'm not sure if Ill have it in me to come back after he leaves. Only time will tell I guess. I will be looking for leasers for horses. I did not expect this to happen. I only found out today. So, Until next time I guess. See you all then.

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