Ashwood Poses n More* 6 New Templates 2.10

  • @Aubrey-Horvath thank you I just hope I can get the sleeker version to look as I want it to look x.x

  • You are now able to download the templates have fun and good luck with your new Quarab(s)

  • 8 months since I was active in this thread. I have a new template coming up soon. Expect to see it in 2018 but if I like the final rendering on it then I may release it sooner :) just arguing with the fact it looks baroque when it's a Warmblood.

  • Here ya guys go! A new Marwari template just for you all <3

    alt text

    Download link
    Is dark blue in game

    No poses still in the works :(

  • Hello hello I decided to let you know what I have in the works.

    Austrian Warmblood(will make it public again)
    Hungarian Warmblood
    Romanian Sporthorse

    If you want me to try a template lmk I am planning to spread them out throughout the year even though I will be spending the entire next month at the dorms(my new home)

  • @Serenity-Gwin Romanian Sporthorse first PLEASE AND THANK YOU <3

  • Reawakening my old topic with a list of what is coming this weekend!

    So I spent some time working hard on templates and I am happy to release these templates <3

    So first revamps.

    Once again I have done another tweak to my Austrian Warmblood Template, I am also am working on revamping my South African Warmblood Template.

    Onto new releases...
    Selle Francias
    Zangersheide(my own personal template will be released to you)
    American Saddlebred

    I am ecstatic to release these out and hope you all use them well.

  • So all of these are done. Some coats are just fillers but yeah :p
    2 out of the 6 I owe. The other ones are on my other world(Obviously these are breeds Uele Stud focuses on)

    South African Warmblood(Light Blue in CAS)
    alt text

    Zangersheide(White in CAS)
    alt text

  • Final 3(the ASB flunked so badly)

    Austrian Warmblood(Dark Purple in CAS)
    alt text

    Trakehner(Should be Red in CAS)
    alt text

    Selle Français(Burnt Orange in CAS)
    alt text

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