{ENDED} Silver Berry's Random Warmblood Auction

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    Silver Berry's Random Warmblood Auction

    Welcome to Silver Berry's random warmblood auction!
    I have created these horses out of pure joy (and boredom) and decided to give them all custom markings too. They are now being auctioned off as i am not keeping them for myself - no room - and would love them to go to a place where they will fit in well.

    Horses do not have set breeds, or disciplines, and no current mainsites. New owners may pick these and ill ask for them to come back to me so i can send the horses mainiste to you. Breeds and disciplines that i think suite them have been listed, but you do not have to have them set for the horse if you do not want to.

    Please be respectful, and read the basic rules below before you place a bid.


    • Please do not share the horse (mass download). Only share (to new owner) files if they are being sold.
    • Do not alter coat or conformation in any way. Shine and detail markings may be edited though as long as it doesn't affect the coat too much as i understand everyone has their own preferences.
    • Please do not change their name as they have been given for a reason. Also, please do not remove or add your own prefix. The horse has to keep SBS
    • I am not strict about activity, although it is nice if they are treated like a show horse, and or shown in a blog update (if so please tag me!).
    • You may add parents if you wish.
    • You may geld/breed/sell them as you wish. If you are interested in selling them, please contact me first as i may want to buy them back.
    • Please list my creator ID (8034) when registering the horse.

    The starting bid for all horses is $5,000.
    Minimum increase is $1,000.
    There is no maximum bid.
    There is no auto buy.

    SBS Risky Business ~ SOLD

    alt text
    Gender: Stallion
    Suposed breed: Dutch Warmblood
    Sugested discipline: Dressage
    Some info:
    Sid is a loveable character. We haven't been able to settle him down. He is very energetic, but once saddled he soon comes under control and works hard to concentrate on his feet. We have only ridden him in a dressage based training session, every now and then, and he has shown that he has the skill and confidence to actually start a career in that. He is also quite slimly built, but also rather muscly. This young man will suite practically anything you face him into.
    CAP Image 1
    CAP Image 2

    SBS Sweet Lullaby ~ SOLD

    alt text
    Gender: Mare
    Suposed breed: Finnish Warmblood
    Suggested discipline: Show Jumping
    Some info:
    Pip is a wonderful young mare. She shows much potential in and out of the ring. She is easy to teach new things, and is a well behaved horse. She can be a bit narky when it comes to other horses running up her bum, but who isn't really? She also isnt afraid to show her energetic side when she is revved up. May need a stronger rider, and more confidant with green horses as she can pull on the reins a bit when she's jumping. In the end a stunning mare with lots ahead for her in her future career.
    CAP Image 1
    CAP Image 2

    SBS World Class ~ SOLD

    alt text
    Gender: Stallion
    Suposed breed: Swedish Warmblood
    Sugested discipline: Eventing
    Some info:
    Cas is - to be completely honest here - a handful. He is quite the boy when it comes to riding. His footwork is beyond amazing to start off with, never yet knocked over rails, and has never put a foot wrong with his strides. His looks can also get to the better of you, as he takes the reins and won't stop until your at the fence, panting. He too needs a strong rider, one that is able to teach him some manners! Other then his little boy flaws, Cas is a charming boy who has a lot of potential ahead of him. He just needs to find the right home.
    CAP Image 1
    CAP Image 2


    SBS Risky Business ~ SOLD ~ Johanna Masters

    SBS Sweet Lullaby ~ SOLD ~ Rosalie Clarke

    SBS World Class ~ SOLD ~ Mia Lyng

  • Starting bid on all. :heart:

  • PR Committee

    6k - SBS Risky Business

  • All accepted!

    Leading bids have been posted :)

  • $10,000 - SBS Risky Business

  • 6k - SBS Sweet Lullaby

  • Accepted :P

  • PR Committee

    11k Risky Business.

  • Accepted! :P

    Only 1 day left to bid!

  • I dont know how the money system here works ;-;

  • @Mia-Lyng said in {Ends 20th May} Silver Berry's Random Warmblood Auction:

    I dont know how the money system here works ;-;

    You have money in your mainsite account. If you have enough, you can bid on a horse. If you win you send the money to the person selling. I hope this helps.

  • Ah ok thank you :)

  • 6k- SBS World Class

  • 12k - Risky Business

  • PR Committee

    13k - Risky Business.

  • All accepted!

    Congratulations to @Rosalie-Clarke for winning SBS Sweet Lullaby! DM or PM me and we can discuss on what breed you would like her to be, and i can send all her files over to you when payment has been sent. :heart:

    Since bids were placed today (the ending day) for the other 2 horses, it will turn into a 24hrs ALB auction for them.

    Happy bidding! :laughing:

  • PR Committee

    This post is deleted!

  • And the final two horses have been won!

    Congratulations to @Mia-Lyng for winning SBS World Class, and to @Johanna-Masters on winning SBS Risky Business!
    Chuck me a PM or DM (here or slack) and we can discuss about it further. :)

    Thank you all who participated in this auction! :heart:

  • This post is deleted!

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