OPEN | Spring leasers needed for both young and experienced horses

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    These past few months and (ES) years have been very eventful for us at both Mearhbarrow and Fixstern. We've welcomed several new horses both from other breeders and from our own ranks, and we've found ourselves understaffed. It is with great regret that we offer our horses now for other ambitious riders to be cared for while we get things sorted out. Most of the horses being offered are youngsters, and we need your help starting them! It is also possible to ask for any of our horses not on this list to be leased, please head off to the websites of Mearhbarrow and Fixstern to see the horses. These horses include multiple state champions, an international champion, and horses with pedigree bonuses of 15 or more.
    NOTE: some of these horses are only leased for one month!


    All people leasing our horses agree to the following terms:

    • One member may lease no more than two horses.
    • The horses are leased off a period of time between one month and four months (1 ES year). Please let us know for how long you'd like to lease the horse. Any time less than four months can be extended.
    • The horse must be entered to all R shows of its chosen discipline(s) (with the exception of RL restrictions). Entering the horse to the randomised part of C shows is encouraged but not essential.
    • It is up to the leaser to decide whether they want to enter the horse to the RP phase of the C show.
    • The leaser agrees to keep track on the horse's show records and present us with following information at the end of the lease: The name and level (R/C 5-10) of the show, the class, the rider's name, the result, the awarded points and money. These will then be added to our own records.
    • All money awarded from the shows goes to the leaser. In the case of young horses, should the horse constantly prove to be unsuccessful in its discipline, a change of discipline can be discussed.
    • In the case of the young horses, a reward of 45% of the total lease fee will be returned at the end of the lease as our thanks for your help.
    • Scrapbook updates aren't required, but they always make our day!
    • Should you wish to end the lease before the agreed term, you may do so, just let us know. However, if more than two weeks of the ongoing month has passed, the month's fee is not returned. You will still receive your end-of-lease reward if you've leased one of our young horses.
    • The leaser of the proven horses is entitled to a breeding at the end of the lease. The leaser of the young horses is entitled to a discount of a breeding with any of our horses (the young horses cannot be used for breeding).
    • These terms apply both to the horses on the list below and to the horses available at request.
    • Please state that you agree to the terms when you make an offer for our horse(s).


    Starting Fee $3,000/mo, No breeding
    FX DREAMWEAVER -- International Sport Horse, Mare -- Eventing +1 FX GOLDEN GIRL -- Spanish Sport Horse, Mare -- Show Hunting +3, Dressage +4
    alt text alt text
    FX TUHLAAJAPOIKA -- Finnhorse, Stallion -- Eventing, no bonus points MBS PANDORA -- Andalusian, Mare -- Dressage +5 FX ULTRAVIOLET -- Andalusian, Mare -- Dressage +4
    alt text Picture to be added Picture to be added

    Proven horses Fee $5,000/mo, Breeding available
    WRNGS LAUQUINIZ V -- Andalusian, Stallion -- Dressage +6 YR EXCELSO DE LA ROSA -- Andalusian, Stallion -- Dressage +2
    alt text Picture to be added

    Leased horses not on the primary list:

    • Horse - Leaser - Showing plan - Length of lease - Breeding slot
    • None

    Please apply below.

    How to apply:

    • Please enter your name, the name (and website if you have one) of your stables, the name of the horse(s) you're applying for, and the length of the leasing period (1-4 months).
    • Also please let us know about your plans for the horse(s). This includes the approximate number of competitions to be entered (R shows only, both R and C shows, at least one show per month) and if you'd like to use your FREE breeding slot for the "Proven horses" or the DISCOUNT slot coming with the young horses.

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