Looking for WB mares (BIY)

  • Hey guys!
    I am looking for a few Warmblood mares that compete in Dressage/Show Jumping and Eventing for a BIY (i already created the foals' coats).
    Some of my most successful stallions are getting old, So i want to have followers for them.

    I'm looking for Hanoverian and Holsteiner mares but every WB that can be bred with them would be fine. The foals will be registered as Hanoverians or Holsteiners.
    I'm not looking for broodmares that never competed anywhere. I prefer show horses. It's also possible to use surrogate mares for the breeding! So your mares can still continue their carreer.
    So basically i'm just looking for mares to use in the pedigree haha since i only have a few mares and most of them are either from my own stallions or simply too young to breed them.

    If you have anything for me, please contact me (PM) so we can talk about the conditions and choose one of my stallions for your mare(s).

    thanks! :)

  • Here's a list of my best mares competing in show jumping, dressage or eventing, all of them are still active. The prices are negotiable, since you'll be creating the foal. I'm not 100% sure about the British Sport Horse, but others should qualify for Hanoverians and Holsteiners if I remember correctly.

    Available horses
    MBS Flying Wish $9,000
    alt text British WB * Dressage National Champion * Bonus +19 3rd Gen, Elite WB pedigree
    MBS Carmina $8,000
    alt text British Sport Horse * Eventing State Champion * Bonus +9 2nd Gen, Exceptional WB pedigree
    MBS Sing It Away $7,000
    alt text British WB * Show Jumping Regional Champion * Bonus +7 2nd Gen
    Flying Dutchman $6,000
    alt text American WB * Dressage State Champion, Carriage Driving Regional Champion * Bonus +3 1st Gen

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