(sold) Irene's Shop present: Palm Acres (world + facilities)

  • Welcome to Palm Acres!
    alt text

    /~ ~/ Some R U L E S
    — You can make any changes you want on the facilities. You can also make minor changes in the world (trees, for example).
    — The minimum increment is $ 500. There is no maximum.
    — I don't need you to give me credit somewhere. Once you pay for the world, the world is yours. (This sounds great XD)
    — You can not upload for bulk download. Please, only two copies will exist in this world (my backup and your file).

    /~ ~/ I N F O
    — Three stables (one main and two added). 48 boxes in total.
    — Washing area (four places per stable), six solarium (two per stable), food area (one per stable).
    — Two outdoor arenas and one indoor arena
    — Four pastures (two very large.)
    — Breeding area (to be built by the buyer).
    — You may need these games: World Adventures (for the palm trees).

    /~ ~/ I M A G E S
    Facilities = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    World = 1 2 3 4

    alt text

    S T A R T I N G ...... B I D
    $ 20 000

  • The auction is officially open. ^^

  • sb~

    I hate the world I'm using currently :'D like my one-building facilities, but those are an easy transfer over

  • @Cat-Shepherd accepted! ^^

  • Sold to @Cat-Shepherd . Congrats! Please, send me a pm with your email and when I receive payment I will send you the file of the world.

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