White Raven's Nest

  • Before the starts! Song, her boyfriend and ish stallion Cruising von Rivendell
    alt text
    Heidi and Sean, and ish mares WRN Molly Mallone and RME Dark Boundary's
    alt text
    Pippi and kladruber mare Libora
    alt text

  • Oh wow! The show photos are amazing :) I really love the second one especially.

  • AAAaaaahhh Cruising von Rivendell <3 <3 <3

  • Oh! Your edits are great! I love the most eyes and tails in every pictures!

  • omg I fell in love with your editach, the appearance of horses. I admire you <3

  • Hi there! I'm back!
    Cruising von Rivendell
    alt text
    Giant's Causeway involved in the Kentucky Derby (he won!!)
    alt text
    and new guys - Tabitha and thrb stallion Gallant Dragon
    alt text

  • Cruising von Rivendell <3 <3 <3

    Gallant Dragon <3 <3 <3

  • Your editing is on point <3 Libora and Cruising look stunning! :heart_eyes:

  • All of your pictures are amazing! I love it!

  • Girl, you are so talented! I walked through entire blog and every picture is STUNNING :heart_eyes: Every detail is so greate done, each edit has its own vibe, which is amazing! And of course your horses - they are unbelievably beautiful <3 Honestly, I fell in love with all your work and literally I just can't stop looking at this piece of art!

  • Simply in love :heart_decoration:

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