[24hr ALB] Silver Glade Thoroughbred Yearling Sale

    2017 Spring Yearling Sale


    -Do not put this horse up for mass download.
    -Active show homes are a must!
    -If you go inactive for three RL months without warning(no show entries, scrapbook updates, forum posts, etc) then I reserve the right to reclaim the horse, and you will be sent a message explaining my decision. Before reclaiming however, I will send a notice simply to make sure that I haven't missed any of your posts! :)
    -Please do not use the horse's coat or conformation as any sort of template, the conformation ONLY might be used for breeding
    -Stallions can be gelded, and disciplines can be changed/the horse can be re-sold as an OTTB, or re-trained into a new career.
    -I do ask that mares are given a chance to compete before bred, unless an embryo transfer is used. All horses require active show homes unless stated otherwise.


    Professor Flitwick
    alt text
    Flitwick receives a +3 bonus in flat racing, although he has quite the illustrious pedigree. Out of esteemed mare Mischief Managed, who is in turn by the famous Harry Potter, Flitwick is bound to succeed on the track. We recommend that he race on dirt as opposed to the turf due to his parents' success on the dirt track, but it is entirely up to him. His sire is QMR Little Charmer, who is by QMR Not Another Shadow.
    Extra Images: X X

    Storm Zone SOLD
    alt text
    Storm Zone is a filly by SG Twilight Zone, and out of PC Scarlet Letter. She receives +4 in flat racing, and is just as fiery as her sire is, with the looks and the talent of her dam. We think she could go really far on the track, with her big, easy stride- the only obstacle is her temperament!
    Extra Images: X X

    both horses are currently pending registration :)

    The starting bid for each horse is $10,000
    minimum bid increment is $1,000

  • Storm Zone - SB

  • Accepted!

  • Professor Flitwick - SB

    I am a huge HP fan so I can not resist xD

  • Competition Committee

    Storm Zone - 11k
    Professor Flitwick - 11k

  • all bids accepted! :)

  • Professor Flitwick - 12k

  • Professor Flitwick - 13k

  • Professor Flitwick - 14k

  • Storm Zone has been sold to Leah Harrington!

    Professor Flitwick's auction still has 8 hours to go :)

  • When will the horses be shipped out? :)

  • Ahh sorry, I've been so caught up with school I've had a difficult time checking this! I'll send your guy out tonight when I get home! :) sorry for the wait!

  • That's alright, I know how real life goes xD

    Sounds wonderful and I will send the payment as soon as I get back home as well.
    I can't wait to showcase him in my blog <3 He's so beautiful <3

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