[CANCELLED] Yeguada Xantre PRE sale

  • Rules

    • The horse must remain active in shows, scrapbook activity not needed but unedited pictures by chat would be nice.
    • You can not change the horse's coat, body and/or mane and tail color. Neither the name and prefix. Dapple grey horses may become white at some point and stallions can be gelded.
    • These horses are not registered, so you have to register them in their discipline registry and on the main site. If you want me to do that, $1200 will be added to the final price.
    • If you no longer want the horse, please tell me before selling him/her in case I want the horse back.
    • Only one copy of the horse will be active but I will keep one in case you lose it.
    • If I find out you used the horse's conformation or coat to create another horse, the horse will be reclaimed and you will be banned from buying future horses/coats/markings I put up for sale.
    • Shine and shade markings may be added/removed to suit your needs.
    • If the horse is not showing up in your game like on the sale picture please contact me to see what markings you are missing.


    Astillero X de Xantre

    Posed 1 - Posed 2

    Travieso XIV de Xantre

    Posed 1 - Posed 2

    Solero III de Xantre

    Posed 1 - Posed 2

    Gavilán I de Xantre

    Posed 1

    Information about the horses can be found here.

  • Cancelled due to no interest.

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