{Ends When All Sold} SBS Major Downsizing Sale

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    The day has come to where i am sadly selling 18 more of my horses, in hope i can find them all homes, even if it take weeks.
    Some of these horses are from the original lot of horses that started the whole Silver Berry Stables so it is much needed that they go to loving homes.

    I have come to the fact that there is too much in my life right now to keep all these guys as active as they could be and i am making this sale due to this as sad as that may be. I haven't been as active lately due to RL issues getting tough on me, and i sincerely apologize to those who i haven't replied back to and those that expected things from me that i did not give.

    Thank you to those checking up on me (whilst my anxiety has been a real pain in the bum) and i really appreciate that.
    But keeping all these guys is a little too much to handle right now.

    I have made a sheet to record horses details and links to mainistes and pictures for you to guide through if you wish to purchase one of my horses. No major rules required, just the basics which im pretty certain everyone knows. (No changing confo/coat, no mass uploading etc etc).

    If you wish to access more info and recent pictures - as these ones range from months old to 2 days ago old - just hit me up with a message and ill reply back to you with what i can and when i can. Pictures may take an additional day or two depending when i have time to go in game and take them.

    Prices listed is what ill be taking. I will not take offers as i just want my horses sold already and dont want to go through the fuss of going back and forth discussing prices (i dont mean to sound rude, if it sounds like that), as that can stress me out a little.

    If a horse gets more then one interest, ill be talking to the member who sent the first message. If they decide they want the horse ill kindly say to the other interest/s that the horse has already been sold. In a situation where the first member to message does not want the horse, i will message the second member to message me and ask if they want it, and so on, (sorry if that was confusing but i had to say it!).

    Anyway, ill stop blabbering on so you can look at the horses.


    Thank you all again for checking in with me :heart:

  • Torn over SBS Victory... I hope you'll manage to sell them quite soon without needing weeks though!

  • As i have actually negotiated with some members with less money about buying these horses, i am now willing to let people make an offer on horses if they think the price inst right for them.

    As long as my horses go to a happy active home i don't really care about the money in the end :P

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