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  • I plan to update my stable here form now on. Even though it's currently rough for me I'll push through it.

    Hello I'm Serenity(originally Hayden) and I am the owner of Ashwood Estate

    Ashwood Estate is located in Richmond Virginia, with the original thought of training and competing horses in Eventing, however that changed as more riders came to our stable looking to compete in Show Jumping, Show Hunter, and Dressage.

    Changed my name because Hayden Sanchez was Dustin's girl. I changed my name to Serenity because it's beautiful and it won a popular vote between my friends.

    Eventing Riders: Serenity Gwin and Kindle Scott
    Jumping Riders: Danielle Drummo, Carissa Johnson , Phoebe Pierce, and Emily Quann
    Hunter Rider: Serenity Gwin
    Dressage Riders: Lizzie Fields


    Stay tuned I hope to do some more updates later today with the horses at least but they don't seem to like the snow very much >-<''

  • New name new face~

    Serenity Gwin and her 2 new stallions
    Aesculapius NC and RFE Incanarrov
    alt text

    The weather in Virginia started to get warm, not to terribly warm, but just slightly warm enough to where the horses don't need their heavy blankets. It's supposed to be close to 60 degrees on Thursday. We're crossing our fingers that this is true since I'm sure most of our horses would like to stretch their legs instead of being cooped up in their stalls.

  • Was a tad bit warmer out at Ashwood Estate but not warm enough to where everyone wanted to actually work with the horses. Majority of them stayed at the staff house and lounged around while Serenity was busy working on Benny getting him in shape for the 2017 eventing season.

    alt text
    <My own critique is I feel as though Seren is to far forward>

  • The new stallions are adorable!
    Seren's leg went in front of the saddle! Gotta be careful over those big fences.

  • It was nearly 70 degrees outside in Virginia! Unfortunately it rained the night before and our arena was just to muddy to do anything and we didn't have the staff to drag the jumps to our covered arena.

    Onto the horses!

    Seren decided to turn TJS Ragnarok and TJS Rompin n' Stompin out in the covered arena so they had a chance to stretch their legs after their trip from Maryland. They decided to just keep it relaxed thank goodness, don't think Carissa would stand to have to fix the sand in the arena again.

    alt text
    alt text

    Our girls got turned out into one of the pastures since it was warm enough they didn't need to worry about blankets at all just slightly muddy. We were just glad that Darcy kept Dragonne in check.
    I'll have to make sure to take pictures of our other mare herd next time there is a day they can be out in the fields.
    L>R: TBEC Fierce Hope, Aracaju da Cabana, AWE Dragonne, d'Arcy AR, and LGS Cassalina
    alt text

    Our beautiful Austrian Warmblood Stallion(template by Olivia, many thanks!) AWE Le Touquet has just arrived and his stall isn't ready silently glares at Danielle so he was put in one of the small pastures while Seren worked on his stall.
    alt text

  • So things are now a whole lot worse for lil ol me.
    Back in October I had a cold sore that turned into a bacterial infection, and I went to get a cold sore checked out yesterday at a walk in clinic and BOOM! Bacterial infection is back! So on antibacterial and ointment. BLEH!

    Anyways onto the main subject of this post. A while ago the lovely Cleo Swift was hosting a reclaim sale and I just poked my head looking around not thinking I'd snag one up. Well I lied to myself.

    Meet my new Eventer TJS Fleur de Lis, pretty little Spanish Mustang stallion I must say♥
    alt text

  • Oh gosh look at that lovely long title.

    New faces at my stable.
    I still am blank on names for these two.
    So meet Light Grey Finnish WB Mare and Dark Dapple Grey Danish WB Stallion.
    Both are Dressage horses I'm actually expanding my dressage program at Ashwood Estate, we're at 6 horses in Dressage now
    alt text

    I've been pending on giving them similar names but I've passed on that deal. Hoping some help from the community and a group I'm apart of on Facebook can give these two names.

  • So since I have a bit more horses than expect and I honestly ADORE my facility I had to add on more stalls.

    So Ashwood Estate can hold up to 30 horses now, just had to add 14 more stalls.

    When you first head over to the 2 new stables you get a warm greeting from our Spanish Mustangs
    (TJS Ragnarok, TJS Rompin n Stompin, and TJS Fleur de Lis)
    alt text

    Of course we have 2 small paddocks on this property that do hold some of our more wild stallions.
    (AWE To Neverland and PCRA/ FWEC Maleficent)
    alt text

    A nice view of the smaller stable with our 2 grey Dressage stallions and Delirium standing at attention.
    alt text

    My variation of a shed row with AWE Little White Lies hiding herself inside one. She was feisty didn't want to go out to the field.
    alt text

  • So many pretty horses and I love your facilities!

  • Nice facilities looks so nature frendly

  • PR Committee

    #PaddockGoals :sunglasses:

  • Oh gosh I'm actually blushing thank you guys n.n

    Maybe I'll build a similar facility like this and auction it off(will include 3 lots and be cc friendly)

  • So I ultimately got bored and went to start building. The temptation was high to keep this lot! But I didn't want to. So it's for sale.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • Ragnarok and Rompin n' Stompin are so beautiful, I love their coats :heart_eyes_cat:
    Le Touquet has such a cute face,I hope his stall is ready now :p What will he compete in?
    I have to say, I love the colours and designs of your barns, I'm sure that new one will sell quickly!

  • @Callixta-Rosella thank you so much! I have at least 15 horses I got from Cleo Swift(her prefix is TJS) and I honestly adore those 2 over the rest(don't tell her I said that)
    Le Touquet is going to compete in Dressage since most Austrian Warmbloods do(when I pull up a Google search)
    Bunch of my friends want me to keep my new stable but I don't have a world where it's just 12 horses, so this would be a nice addition to someone's stable, let alone the colored stalls and fencing was a first for me. Definitely should open a lot building services.

  • Where do I even start, it was chilly but we are so against putting blankets on our horses, we don't want them to rely on blankets because the weather has been so up and down lately. Even though we felt like they needed blankets it was a unanimous vote that we don't put blankets on them. Nobody really cared, however this was probably as warm as it will get so everyone is just going to get blankets until Spring hits I guess.

    One of our 2 stallion herds, this small herd everyone is a bit more obedient to Benny(Paladin des Ifs KN). He hasn't gotten to banged up when Arthas tried to challenge him, think the only thing hurting on Arthas is just his dignity. Vet checked and everyone is doing fine. However we keep an eye on Arthas and Benny just in case round II starts up again.
    PCS Bay My Hero, Paladin des Ifs KN, WDKH Arthas, & Monachyle's Tilikum
    alt text

    Once again back to one of our mare herds. I just like how cute this picture is! Darcy is just so tiny compared to the other girls here.
    AWE Dragonne, Myosotis' Georgiann, d'Arcy AR, TBEC Fierce Hope, LGS Cassalina, & Aracaju da Cabana
    @Remi-Scott @Fawn-Trinity
    alt text

    Guess everyone is having a rough time, Aesculapius NC trying to tell RFE Incanarrov that he's in charge out of the 2. This is why they aren't apart of the herds. They've been nipping at other horses since they arrived. Maybe it's time to just keep em apart...
    Aesculapius NC & RFE Incanarrov
    @Lidija-Rotherford @Selene-Boutsikaris
    alt text

    Our TJS babies, they just don't like being outside period. We've come to a conclusion to just ignore their whinnies because they think it's feed time back in the stable. Nope! Not even close.
    I'd also like to announce that TJS Ragnarok has gained his Regional Show Hunter Champion title. Making it now 4 horses have have the Regional title.
    TJS Fleur de Lis, TJS Snowfleet, TJS Rompin n Stompin, & TJS Ragnarok
    alt text

    If you thought you had lazy horses just look at our stallions. I mean seriously boys, you couldn't even greet the hands that feed you :( we're all insulted here!
    AWE Le Touquet
    alt text
    AWE Delirium
    alt text
    AWE To Neverland
    alt text
    PCRA/ FWEC Maleficent
    alt text

    Lastly, I brought back AWE Musical Festivals, he got a coat update and shesh I must be getting good at coat making or I'm just not even making my own coats anymore.
    sorry had an ego boost
    alt text

  • Waves excitedly Hi Tilikum! <3 I forgot how cute he looked with that unique marking, what a lovely surprise to see him again!

  • @Callixta-Rosella I had 3 stalls open so I brought him and Asuka back. Names change so much I was definitely unsure who to tag when I put his picture up.

  • Incanarrov looks amazing!

    Yup, those are some lazy horse, not greeting xD

  • First part of this post. I made some imports for a few of my friends on Facebook and I love how they turned out n.n

    AWE No Name
    Chestnut Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion for my friend Cloe Swift
    alt text

    AWE No Name
    Grey Czech Warmblood Stallion for my friend Sarah Edin
    alt text

    AWE Achilles
    AWE This Wasn't Goodbye x AWE Xyras
    Chestnut Frederiksborger Stallion for my friend Zira
    alt text

    So I challenged myself, I have about.. Meh 39 horses currently in my world(yeah I'm shocked my game hasn't crashed yet either).
    So my challenge is that about 20 something horses that are without points/titles. So even though it may be simple I have told myself to try and get all active horses to get to the first title(Local Champion) by May. Which should be easily achieved, so I've been slowly pushing myself to get at least 50 horses to be actively shown on Equus.

    So onto some horses.
    (I still have 2 Irish Sport Horses to add and an International Sport Horse)

    AWE Kilimanjaro
    Grey Selle Français Stallion competing in Eventing.
    alt text

    AWE This Wasn't Goodbye
    Chestnut Frederiksborger Stallion competing in Dressage
    alt text

    AWE Chasing the Winds
    Black Selle Français Stallion competing in Show Jumping
    alt text

    AWE Xyras
    Bay Minimal Sabino Frederiksborger Mare competing in Show Jumping
    alt text

  • So I got a bit adventuours and tested the water with some Polish breeds. Just 4 and I'm like 90% sure I'm keeping it that way(however I have a new found love for the Wielkopolski and Malopolski breed(Found lot's a beautiful coats I want to make but I'm slapping my hands and staying out of CAS)

    Onto some pictures :)

    alt text
    AWE Atomic Soldier(Chestnut ISH), AWE With a Bang(Dapple Grey Malopolski ), and AWE Xerxes(Flea Bitten ISH)
    With an influx of riders(some brought over their own horses) we realized that we are running out of field space and not everyone can be out at the same time anymore. These 3 boys came over with a pair of twins(one owns a mare but she won't be turned out with these 3).

    New found love with these 2(and also my first time testing the water with Varnish Roans)
    These two girls are total sweet hearts, both are the talk of the stable(between riders) and it tends to be an argument of who will take them out to work with them(as they don't have an assigned rider yet)
    Our Wielkopolski pair AWE Lost in Translation(Bay Varnish Roan) and AWE Fallen to the Rouges(Chestnut Varnish Roan)
    alt text

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