[Open]Ashwood Imports(3 slots left)

  • Rules

    • Please do not remove my prefix or add your own prefix
    • You can alter the coat details or shine markings but not the base coat
    • You cannot change the confirmation at all
    • The horse is yours if you don't want it anymore feel free to sell it
    • Do not change gender of the horse(unless you are gelding a stallion)

    Note I cannot make my own markings, I also use Lukes HD mod, horses may look different once they enter your game.

    alt text

    Base price is $5,000
    Meaning you can get a Cremello Thoroughbred for $5,000. No hidden fees or anything like that.
    Please allow me at least a week to do imports.

    Horse Breed:
    Horse Name: AWE <Name>
    Horse Gender:

  • Cant resist, your horses are always so beautiful.
    Name: Addelle Watson
    Horse Breed: Thoroughbred
    Horse Name: AWE Pyrotechnic
    Horse Gender: Stallion
    Color: Bay
    Reference: Click
    Thank you :)

  • Just checking in :slight_smile:

  • @Addelle-Watson said in [Open]Ashwood Imports(3 slots left):

    Just checking in :slight_smile:

    My health has been up and down and I've been side tracked with my other stable. I'll get this done now. So sorry for the wait.

  • @Serenity-Gwin Thats ok, No rush.

  • @Addelle-Watson CAS shots will be provided in the email with his file :)
    If you use Lakeside HD mod he may show up darker or lighter in your game.

    alt text

  • He is beautiful! Payment sent, here is my email: bluemoondragon1998@gmail.com

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