[Ends when Sold] Stride Away Sales

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    Stride Away Equestrian Center Spring Sales

    No fancy post here this time. Just a standard sale of reclaims and now unwanted horses.


    • Please enter them into R shows at least, the rest is up to you.
    • Shine and details markings can be changed, please leave the rest of them alone without my permission.
    • Horses do not come with custom markings unless stated, I'll try my best to find markings used if they don't show up
    • If you become inactive, please transfer the horse back to me or into the reclaimable account so I am able to get it back.
    • If you wish to sell your horse, just let me know.

    The Horses

    SAEC Milo
    Foundation Holsteiner stallion, has 135 show hunter points. Milo is a proven hunter and will be a great addition to any stable.
    Asking $16,000 ono

    If you are interesting in a horse, please DM me with the price you'd pay and a small plan for the horse (doesn't need to be a book, just want to make sure they find a good home).
    More horses will be added soon

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