If I Have A Horse From You!

  • If I have a horse from you that you'd like back at all, now's your chance to get them back! Every horse, with a list to follow of exceptions, on my account is available to be reclaimed.
    Have a gander

    Horses off the table:
    VS Flammenprinz
    Calgary AT
    Majnoun NA
    R|R This Chic Dunit
    Viñas Taranto
    Ikon HW
    Devon's Masuna

    Note these are only for reclaims! None of these horses are for sale, only to be picked up by their breeders. Any horses not claimed by May 30th will be sent to the reclaimable horses account for breeders to take back at their leisure.

  • I will take SH Swan's Ascension back if you do not want to keep her.

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