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  • Development Committee

    Welcome to my first website auction!
    I'm unsure of the going price for websites, since it's been a long time since I've seen any offered, so please excuse the horrible price point.
    Bear Creek Farm was made as my Equus-Sims farm, but I will be changing the footer to match my name here.

    alt text
    (Click image to view full site)

    The rules are simple:

    • Don't claim as your own work.
    • Change the info and images to your own to make sure it fits your farm/stable
    • If you no longer want or need the website, you must contact me. I reserve the right to reclaim the site.
    • Do not remove footer and link credit.

    Starting Bid: $5,000
    Minimum Increase: $1,000
    Maximum Increase: N/A

  • Ohhhh this is cool. SB

  • Development Committee


  • Development Committee

    1 hour left

  • Development Committee

    Sold! Congrats @Aubrey-Horvath! Please send your payment on the main site, along with an email so I can transfer the site to you

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