[Ended] 3y/o Foundation Thoroughbreds


    Sale Rules

    • These horses all come with custom markings, they may not be used for any other horse without permission.
    • Do not use their coat or conformation as a base to create other horses.
    • Shine levels/markings may be adjusted, I use Dana's HD coat so you may want to remove the de-shine marking.*
    • *Other coat changes are not allowed without permission.
    • The horse's age may be changed to suit you.
    • The horse's names are placeholders only, you may keep them or change them, but they must retain my prefix (GE).
    • You may sell the horse freely to whoever you want, though if it ends up in the reclaimable horses account, I will reclaim it.
    • Gender may not be changed with the exception of gelding stallions.
    • Do not put the horse up for mass download.
    • You must register them with my creator ID: 293.


    These horses all have unique custom markings and come with main site profiles.
    They are currently aged 3 years but you may change that to suit their career.
    They are not registered in any discipline; they are blank slates for you to shape!

    GE Shortcake | Chestnut Dominant White | Mare SOLD
    Shortcake is a spunky little mare with plenty of personality, she's the first one to greet you at the gate and is always eager to work. She loves having a job to do but can sometimes get a little distracted, so you'll have to put in extra effort to keep her attention

    GE Wotsit | Flaxen Chestnut Splash | Stallion SOLD
    Wotsit is a character, he loves to be the center of attention and is always showing off for the ladies. He's a very diverse horse and picks things up very easily but can be a little pushy on the ground. He knows what he can get away with and will take advantage of your weaknesses.

    GE After Eight | Black | Stallion SOLD
    Eight is a very quiet horse, he has the mind of a gelding and is happy just to do whatever you say. He does not tolerate loud noise so earbuds will be an essential for this guy. He's a very easy horse to be around.. if you're not a man. He definitely prefers his lady riders, though we're not sure why.

    GE Coconut | Bay Rabicano | Mare SOLD
    Coco is a strong independant woman, she has her own mind and tends to think her ideas are best, but she will get you out of a sticky situation before you've even noticed you're in it. She's a bit of a loner and gets along better with humans.. and cats.

    GE Toblerone | Liver Chestnut | Stallion SOLD
    Toby is a man who loves to GO GO GO, he has endless amounts of energy and is always ready to work, even when you're not. He's a bit of a fidget and doesn't like to stand still, so he requires a more patient handler. He's a bit nippy and likes to explore with his mouth, but he always means well.


  • GE Toblerone - SB

  • Breed Committee

    GE Shortcake and GE Wotsit - SB :heart:

  • GE Coconut -SB

  • PR Committee

    GE After Eight - SB

  • GE Coconut - 6k

  • PR Committee

    GE Shortcake and GE Toblerone - 6k

  • Breed Committee

    GE Shortcake - $7k

  • Competition Committee

    GE Shortcake - 8k

  • Breed Committee

    GE Shortcake - $10k

  • Competition Committee

    GE Shortcake - 11k

  • Breed Committee

    GE Shortcake - $12k

  • GE After Eight -6k

  • GE Coconut - 7k
    GE Wotsit - 6k

  • Breed Committee

    GE Wotsit - $7k

  • PR Committee

    GE After Eight - 7k

  • All bids accepted!
    Current high bids are as follows:

    • GE Shortcake - Rebecca Wall $12k
    • GE Wotsit - Rebecca Wall $7k
    • GE After Eight - Andrea Burdine $7k
    • GE Coconut - Constantine Vale $7k
    • GE Toblerone - Johanna Masters $6k

  • GE Toblerone - 7k

  • GE Shortcake - 15k

  • Competition Committee

    GE Shortcake - 16k

  • GE Wotsit - 8k
    GE Shortcake - 17k

    Is there a max bid?

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