[ENDED] ! Kirrawae Park Warmbloods with titles and bonus points

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    Kirrawae Park has recently welcomed back a few of our home bred horses. Sadly their owners are no longer active, so we are hoping to find them some new active homes. All have active parents still on the competition scene and all come with pedigree bonus points. We have a few horses available that have been successful in their limited competition careers and a few talented youngsters awaiting their competition debuts! A great chance to snap up a quality KPE horse!

    ✽ Gender (unless gelding), coat and conformation may not be changed under any circumstances, unless you have contacted me.
    ✽ HD markings, clips, and other shine markings can be added. Mane and tail style can be changed also however not colour.
    ✽Horses are not registered. Horses must be registered on the main site and via forum with their disciplines withing 2 weeks of purchase.
    ✽ All horses are to be registered realistically.
    ✽ Do NOT upload the horse to any mass download sites! Should you be found doing this, you will be banned from any future services.
    ✽ The coat and conformation are not to be used as a base for any other horses or for templates.
    ✽ The show name may NOT be changed. Stable names may be altered.
    ✽The KPE prefix must not be removed.
    ✽ These horses must go to active show homes. They must be competing in all R shows where possible.
    ✽ Should you decide to sell the horse in the future, please notify me first.
    ✽ Add in this symbol ✽ into your application.
    ✽ We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any sale for any reason we see fit.

    KPE Tribourne
    Tiviant L x KPE Indiana Art
    16.3hh -KWPN- Stallion- Bay- 7yo
    Tribourne is by our stallion Triviant L, who is currently titled State Champion and out of our Regional Champion mare KPE Indiana Art. Tribourne is utterly breath taking. He absolutely floats underneath his rider and has a wonderful trainable temperament. He is a serious stallion prospect, with many big names in his pedigree, the conformation and all the chrome really give him the wow factor. Tribourne was born to dance, he has been quietly brought on to ensure his elasticity and natural cadence has not been hindered. He has all his basics covered and is now ready to begin his competition career. We have big hopes for this boy and have no doubt he will go far in the right hands.
    Discipline - Dressage
    Points - 19
    Bonus Points: 5 (Dressage)
    Price: $35,000
    KPE Contango
    KPE Cassiago x KPE Dear Dineke
    17hh - Swedish WB- Mare - Bay - 5yo
    ~17hh - Swedish WB - Mare - Bay - 3yo ~
    Contango was one of the most personable foals bred here at kirrawae. She loved nothing more than to climb into your lap for a cuddle and to fall asleep! Not much has changed, and im sure she would still do this if she didnt grow so big! Contango has a huge canter with plenty of jump and engagement. She is showing fine form over fences with scope to burn and great flexibility through her back. With her Regional Champion sire KPE Cassiago and state champion dam KPE Dear Dineke already producing so many quality showjumpers, we encourage any jumping stables to seriously consider this mare. She has the breeding and the talent to go far with the option of breeding her down the track.
    Discipline - Showjumping
    Points - 0
    Bonus Points: 5 (SJ)
    Price: $30,000
    KPE Poltava
    KPE Pita Pan x KPE Vada Nova
    16.2hh - Swedish WB- Stallion - Liver Chestnut - 5yo
    Poltava is an absolute athlete. He's a naturally fit horse with an amazing length of stride in his canter and gallop. Poltava has fabulous self carriage and holds himself beautifully, making him a natural in the dressage phase. He has very correct paces with his trot and canter being stand outs, with natural cadence and impulsion. He is very bold over cross country but he has the potential to get a little hot and excited. His hot temper has begun to effect his dressage when out at competitions and his ground manners can be quite atrocious when being handled by a handler that is not confident. Tava really is a sweet boy who is overflowing with personality and will definitely be someones new best friend, however we personally recommend that he be gelded to allow him to really shine.
    Discipline - Eventing
    Points - 22
    Bonus Points: 4 (eventing)
    Price: $40,000
    KPE Ankora
    KPE Animagus x KPE Ghana
    17hh -KWPN- Mare - Black- 7yo
    Ankora is a seriously talented dressage mare and will be an asset to any performance stable. She is a true black with a stunning coat and conformation. She has fabulous hock action and great freedom through the shoulder. Her canter is a real show stopper with tonnes of activity and elevation. She is a sweet mare who always tries her best for her rider. She is extremely smart and learns new concepts very quick. She can be a little marey on the ground at times however nothing of too much concern. Kora is a fantastic horse and really deserves a loving home.
    Discipline - Dressage
    Points - 4
    Bonus Points: 4 (Dressage)
    Price: $30,000
    KPE Parasi
    KPE Pita Pan x VDL Monica
    16.1hh -Swedish WB- Mare - Bay- 6yo
    Parasi is a very hard sale for us here at kirrawae. She has always been a favourite here and was extremely successful in her short career with Esmee Aldenburg. We are looking for a top class home for this little girl, who will allow her to mature to her full potential. She is the perfect event horse with speed, stamina, bravery and a lot of heart. She has a super temperament for a mare, with a no fuss attitude and a very friendly disposition she loves nothing more than a smooch. She has very correct paces and doesn't get hot or tense in the dressage. She is very scopey and careful in the showjumping which many eventing horses often lack. She is a very special girl and will happily remain here at Kirrawae if a suitable home is not found
    Discipline - Eventing
    Points - 36 (local Champion)
    Bonus Points: 3 (Eventing)
    Price: $50,000 negotiable


  • KPE Parasi has been sold to @Britton-Peirce Congratulations. Cant wait to see her in her new home xx

  • Poltava has now also been sold.

  • Ankora has been sold to Breanna Fahnestock

  • Contango and Tribourne are still available. Tribourne has no applications!

  • This post is deleted!

  • TRIBOURNE AND CONTANGO STILL AVAILABLE :) Tribourne is fully registered and now has 13 points in dressage. Both are still competing with me and gaining points

  • Contango has now been sold to @Jimmy-Sutherland Tribourne is still available

  • Tribourne avalaible ? :D

  • @Ludivine-O-nells He sure is :)

  • App send! :D

  • PR Committee

    sits on hands
    I don't need him I don't need him....

  • @Andrea-Burdine He was just sold to @Ludivine-O-nells hahaha i will have another stallion to tempt you with soon though :wink:

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