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    14th January 2017 RDEC Zamarivo
    16th January 2017 RDEC Germania
    29th January 2017 PCRA The Whiskey Bandit
    30th January 2017 Fun in snow!
    4th February 2017 Snowy jumps
    18th February 2017 We're moving!
    21st February 2017 Newcomers
    23rd February 2017 PCRA Bloody Mary
    2nd March 2017 SG Ferocity
    7th March 2017 PCRA Paint Me Black
    10th March 2017 PCRA Dragon
    11th April 2017 PCRA New Americana
    13th April 2017 RP Show Your Queen
    15th April 2017 New friends
    30th May 2017 Jumpers and Eventers
    5th June 2017 Young Show Jumper
    9th June 2017 International Champion
    12th June 2017 Pony SJ International Champ
    28th June 2017 Even more champions
    7th July 2017 Welcome Anastasiya!
    18th July 2017 Unfortunate training

  • Currently I don't have any new (edited) photos, but one of my New Year resolutions is to get back to editing. We'll see how this will go :P

    Here a little throwback to summertime with Chloe Price and RDEC Zamarivo.
    For those of you who don't know, Ivo is one of our show jumpers. His sire is our RDEC Vinterburg (RDEC Trinidad x RDEC Voccardieu), and his dam is RDEC Zimba. He has great pedigree for Show Jumping, therefore we have high expectations for him. We'll see how he will do :)

    alt text

  • Lovely boy! He looks like a friendly one!

  • @Lidija-Rotherford: Oh, he really is! Ivo is probably the most huggable horse in our equestrian centre <3

  • As the weather is not so bad for us this winter, we can still do some ground training on outside arenas. We're saving jumping for the indoors though. December hiatus has been a great time for our riders to develop a bond with their horses. Some of them achieved this goal very well, and some of them are still trying their best.

    RDEC Germania along with myself are still working to achieve high level of trust. I hope to get to gain fully her trust and respect by the end of the Spring :)

    alt text

    That is my first edit in New Year. I'm hoping to slowly get back into that habit, and slowly develop my editing skills. If you have any good tips or tutorials, I would really appreciate them! As you can see, a lot of practice is still need to be done :smile:

  • Lovely picture by the way, trust and respect are real big help. I'm terrible at editing, but the shadows can also make or break the picture, if you correspond the shadow to the object/animal creating the shadow it would look more realistic. All that aside, I love your editing style, it's something I dream to reach, haha. You two are looking good together!

  • PR Committee

    I just want to say thanks for the pretty previews of all those chestnuts in your top post, gotta love those chestnuts! <3

  • Three-Day New Year Event is currently being hosted on Polish Equestrian Sims! One of our top stallions, PCRA The Whiskey Bandit along with Lauren Price decided to enter! Here a little sneak-peak from one of our fan's Snapchat story ;)

    alt text

  • Some of our new (and not :P ) horses are enjoying the snow, which is still covering the ground of Miracle Bay. Three new horses I haven't showed you yet, and one mare that has been with us for a while now. Enjoy! :)

    RDEC Suburban

    alt text


    alt text

    PSS Special Effect

    alt text

    PCRA Warrior

    alt text

  • Snow still occupies Miracle Bay, but the ground is not slippery, so we can still do some training outside. We bought many new horses lately, but we're all happy that they are doing well in our place.

    WD High Voltage, bought recently from @Isabel-Shipper. She's an amazing Show Jumping Trakehner mare with huge talent and as huge heart for jumping. Right now she is resting in her bed, getting to know her neighbours. We're waiting for her to begin her competition time with us.

    alt text

    Spectrum PBA, a champion in Pony Show Jumping used to hold 5th place on the overall Pony Show Jumping leaderboard. Here, some light jumping training with Katie. We're hoping for him to become her teacher, as he is an experienced, calm, patient pony.

    alt text

  • Wow high voltage is so nice! Looks like she has a pretty big jump to!

  • Breed Committee

    Aw Spec! It's nice to see him looking so well :blush:

  • Lovely horses! High Voltage seems to have quite a big jump too!

  • Very bold of you to jump in snow! :P

  • PR Committee

    Congrats on getting High Voltage, she looks like an amazing jumper!

  • @Zinnia-Arvi Thank you! :D
    @Rebecca-Wall Thanks <3 I'm happy I finally got to take some photos of him :)
    @Alice-Palmer Yeah, she has a heart for jumping, she loves it!
    @Lidija-Rotherford We simply couldn't resist :P
    @Callixta-Rosella Thank you! <3

  • lovely horses and beautiful pictures! :)

  • @Maria-Jones Thank you! <3

    We're moving to Merridale!

    Along with the whole staff we decided that Miracle Bay was a really "empty" place for us. It didn't have many forests, meadows, rivers or beaches to go for ride-outs, which we all enjoy along with our horses. Merridale is a perfect place for us!

    I'm slowly building the facilities, since now I will have a week off school. In the meantime I'm coming back to editing and posting in here. For now, enjoy Kia Williams and RDEC Vinterburg, bred by @Carmen-Raymond a while ago. He's sired by RDEC Trinidad, and his dam is RDEC Voccardieu, therefore he is an amazing show jumping horse, with a great technique and big, round jumps. Right now he holds Show Jumping Regional Champion title and competes at Open (9) level.

    alt text

    Editing tips and advises are always welcome!

  • lovely pictures as always !

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