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  • Hii all,:smiley:
    I have created a few horses. Because I've made too much and can not keep it all. I thought could make someone happy with it. I am very proud of what I have made. So it would be a shame if I would take them away. I also had no time to register them on equus. So here I sell them! :grin:


    • Do not use the template or coat on another horse.
    • Do not steal the template or coat and claim as your own, or make it available for download in any way.
    • Do not geld stallion or spay mares.
    • If the horse is leased to you and I notice you've broken any rules, I will immediately return the horse.
    • Do not change the name and prefix. you do that, I do take return the horse.
    • If you sell the horse. I want to know.
    • There must be a minimum of one updates in the month of the horse.
    • You can not simply breeding without permission.

    (I still report it for sure horses are not yet registered on equus.)


    Oldenburger - Stallion - 4 years
    Start bid : 4,000
    1_1493913838982_Screenshot-41.jpg 0_1493913838979_Screenshot-42.jpg

  • This should go in the auctions if you want people to bid, if not make a set price for each horse :)

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  • @Nikki-Calvaria
    Thanks! Sorry this was my first time i put something like that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • THR Odin - SB

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