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    Maryland Ranch is a new western facility that competes in a wide range of western disciplines, focusing mainly on Reining and Cutting. Our aim to to breed top quality stock horses and to thrive in the western side of the community of Equus-Sims.

    After investing in some quality stocks back at Spring Valley Equestrian Centre, a young western horse trainer named Kyle Raines stepped up to the challenge of taking on these young horses with the ambition of travelling to the top levels in each of their disciplines. As the western side of Spring Valley started to gain a lot of interest, Kyle made the decision of opening up a completely new facility in the world of Lucky Palms that would focus on purely the western side of the Equestrian world and gain the new title of Ranch manager in a completely different environment. With the help of a few other western trainers and stable hands Maryland Ranch soon started getting under way and the future of the new ranch began to shine brightly. After a few months of getting the Ranch up to scratch it was soon up and running.

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    Name Breed Coat Primary Discipline Secondary Discipline Title(s)
    MLR Under The Sun APH Palomino Overo Western Pleasure Mountain Trail (WP) Local - (MT) National
    Bs Hint Of Something Appaloosa Blue Roan Blanket Reining Working Cow Horse (R) Regional - (WC) Local
    PLR/TLM Moon Sparks AQH Chestnut Minimal Splash Western Pleasure Cutting (C) Local - (WP) Local
    RL Golden Galaxy Appaloosa Palomino Spotted Blanket Mountain Trail Working Cow Horse (MT) Local
    GR's Colonels Dynamite Knight AQH Palomino Reining Reining (R) Local - (C) Regional
    RL Docs Gunna Spin AQH Bay Reining Cutting (R) Local - (C) Local
    MLR This is Gospel AQH Light Bay Minimal Splash Mountain Trail Western Trail none
    RL Flaming Hot Paparazzi APH Chestnut Tobiano Western Pleasure Cutting (WP) Local
    MLR Chex Deluxe APH Chestnut Tobiano Western Pleasure Working Cow Horse (WP) Local
    AR New Shape of Tumbleweed APH Chestnut Tovero Reining Cutting (R) Local
    MLR Spin The Bottle AQH Bay Reining Western Trail none
    BFS Bring The Whip APH Chestnut Overo Ranch Versatility Working Cow Horse none
    GR's Lil Bomber Boy APH Palomino Splash Reining Cutting none
    AAS Frosty Jaybird Appaloosa Palomino Spotted Blanket Mountain Trail Reining none

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    Name Breed Coat Primary Discipline Secondary Discipline Title(s)
    EsS Golden Edition AQH Buckskin Cutting Western Pleasure (C) Local - (WP) Regional
    MLR Odd Passion AQH Bay Western Pleasure Reining none
    MLR Red Dynamite AQH Chestnut Western Pleasure Mountain Trail none
    RL Flirting With Diamonds AQH Gold Champagne Dun Reining Cutting (R) Local - (C) Local
    FC Red Hot Boston APH Chestnut Sabino Cutting Reining (C) Local
    Hunting's Angel's Glory Appaloosa Bay Blanket Working Cow Horse Cutting (WC) Local - (C) Local
    Gallaway's Stars and Stripes AQH Liver Chestnut Reining Cutting (R) Local - (C) Local
    MLR Chics Silver Gun AQH Grey Working Cow Horse Western Pleasure none
    MLR Crown Jewel AQH Black Working Cow Horse Ranch Versatility none
    Hunting's I'm Still Hot APH Palomino Overo Western Pleasure Western Trail none
    MLR Laced With Spots Appaloosa Black Spotted Blanket Mountain Trail Working Cow Horse none
    NF Leader Of The Pack Appaloosa Bay Blanket Reining Cutting none
    MLR Colonel's Explosive Star AQH Palomino Reining Cutting none
    Sovereign's Little Elf APH Sooty Palomino Tobiano Mountain Trail Ranch Versatility none

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    RL Pale Blazin Gun - X - RCC Ranger's Lil Hope
    American Paint Horse Stallion

    As this is my first 'official' blog post I thought i'd start off by sharing with you one of my newest arrivals here at Maryland Ranch. During the 2016 Christmas period we managed to will this handsome boy in @Freya-Valkyrie Christmas Foal Raffle along with some other horses from some other raffles. I'm so so happy this boy was able to join us here at Maryland Ranch, he is a real sweet heart. We will be competing him this year is Reining and Cutting and I can say that you will defiantly see a lot more of this boy.

  • What a Handsome boy indeed. Glad he is settling in well with you and can't wait to see more of this boy. ^-^

  • @Freya-Valkyrie he has settled really well, can't wait to start showing him :)

  • bumping <3

  • Woow, so pretty boy! I love his coat and blue eyes :heart_eyes:

  • I love the coat, the faint dapples are perfect

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