Inactive Sale, Auction, and Raffle Thread Policies

  • Administrators

    In an effort to keep the sale boards from being cluttered with old and abandoned threads, we are adopting a policy to remove inactive sales in a timely fashion.

    • Starting now, any thread in Sales, Raffles or Auctions that has received no posts, updates or bumps in 30 days will be moved to Closed and you will need to post a new thread if you wish to continue the sale of that item. This is both to keep the sale boards neat as well as encourage sellers to pay attention to their sale threads.

    • Additionally, please always remember to add [ENDED] or [SOLD] to the title of your sale/auction/raffle thread when it has ended so I can move it in a timely fashion!

    Thank you, and if you have any questions about sale policies, new or old, please feel free to message me. :slight_smile:
    -Nikki C.

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