• Woodbury Stables is opening its doors for its first public horse auction. We have received two new imports who are glimmering with potential that we at the moment do not have the resources to fulfill.

    This is a quick auction, as our stables are currently too full and we do not have the staff available to work these horses as much as they require. However, we are asking you to please not bid on either of these horses without full intent to steer them down the paths of success that they deserve and are capable of.

    Most importantly, here are my ToS that all bidders must abide by --

    • Please do not claim these horses as your own creation(s)... but clearly, do take all deserved credit for their career successes!
    • Each horse you purchase or otherwise receive from me MUST continue to carry my WooS prefix. This cannot change over time, nor can you add on your own.
    • You may NOT change, add to, or otherwise modify the show name of the horse. This is undebatable... however, you are allowed to change the barn name as much as and to whatever you please.
    • No major marking/coat/hair color/conformation changes may be made. You are, of course, permitted to make realistic changes such as -- hair styles, shine/detail markings, graying out, and weight/muscle gain/loss. Any other changes you think could fall under this but are not listed, must be approved by me beforehand.
    • I'd like if only active horses were bearing my prefix, so if your received horse fails to be registered/active (either in a scrapbook photo/writing entry, competing, breeding or otherwise mentioning) within one Equus year (4 real-life months), I may contact you concerning that horse, and if dissatisfied I do reserve all rights to reclaim that horse.
    • You may not sell your received horse until it has been titled in at least one discipline. After that, I do feel like you've put enough work into the horse to deserve to sell it if you really don't want it anymore. HOWEVER, I'd like to always be notified before creating any sales post or finalizing any private trades or transactions, as I reserve the right to be the first person to offer to take the horse back if I want it. If I don't, I still must approve the new home it is going to, as I want the horse to always continue to be active and loved. Similarly, I'd prefer the horse will not be bred by you until it has received at least one title in any discipline.
    • I have the liberty to reject any user's offer of purchase.
    • And of course, please do not mass upload your horse, or share with others any of its custom markings or its conformation. If you're caught doing so, I will ALWAYS retain full rights and ownership back of that horse, and you will no longer be allowed to participate in any sales, auctions, breedings, or other services that I may offer in the future.
    • These horses all include custom face and leg markings, but if you are missing any other markings such as dapples etc., just PM me! I always will do all I can to provide you with any missing public markings, and if they absolutely cannot be found, I'll always find or create adequate substitutes for you.
    • I'm not adding a "if you read the rules, comment...." -- the rules are simple. In the case of a breach of ANY of these terms, I have every right to reclaim the horse without any refund or reimbursement of any sorts to you.


    • The STARTING BID for each horse is $5,000.
    • Minimum bid increase is $1,000.
    • There is no maximum bid increase.
    • AUTOBUY is available situationally at my discretion, DM me to discuss this.
    • Each horse listed here comes with its own custom face/leg markings and its own unique conformation.
    alt text
    WooS Allons-y
    Gray (bay) ( EE Aa GG ) || Thoroughbred || 4 y.o Stallion || 16.2 hh
    "Allons-y" is a French term meaning "Let's go". After our first ride on this young stallion, we knew that that would be the most fitting name we could possibly come up with for him, though we do more affectionately call him Al. His upsides -- he is MORE than willing. He will always go above and beyond whatever you ask of him. He has a fantastic work ethic and thrives off of being in a busy routine. His extended gaits and impressive scope make us believe he'd be an ideal eventer. He will take all of the risks, jump higher than the actual jump, and seems to be afraid of nothing... except for loud noises, so watch out for that. His "spooked" tendency is to dart out to the side faster than any horse we've been on before. You'll surely be left in the dirt if caught off guard. He is a tail whipper, a biter, AND a kicker. He's top of the pecking order in the paddock, and on-ground he will definitely try to be at the top in your relationship as well. We recommend a chain over his nose for now, and for him to absolutely not be handled by young or inexperienced people -- though this could be trained out of him over time. Being young, he is currently in his striking dappled phase of gray -- with a lovely rosy tint, due to his bay base. Allons-y is a flashy, willing prospect for any ring. He's ready to go to his new home and have you point him in whichever direction you'd please.
    alt text
    WooS Apercu
    Chestnut (ee aa) || Thoroughbred || 4 y.o Mare || 16 hh
    While the meaning of "Apercu's" name pertains less to her personality, we think it still fits her pretty face, and in the end, isn't that all that matters in a name? All of us at Woodbury have grown extremely fond of her -- we like to call her Apple. This mare is an absolute saint. We can't believe that we found such a willing and tolerable horse that is also a great athletic prospect. Just about her only downsides are her girthiness (she has VERY sensitive skin, use soft brushes and padded tack) and her soft feet (she's one of those Thoroughbreds -- shoes will be a necessity for her). She has a passive personality and will always be the bottom of the pecking order in the paddock -- she doesn't seem to get too attached to other horses, or even care about them too much, so if there are no mellow herdmates to be found for her, individual turnout should not be an issue. With humans, she is emotionally outgoing and sensitive -- she'll always know what you're feeling, maybe even before you realize it yourself. Apercu seems almost anxious to please her rider or handler -- therefore, we wouldn't recommend pushing her extremely hard, as she's mentally sensitive and can easily get overwhelmed but will not want to show it to you. She would be a perfect mount for a younger rider looking for an upgrade or an introduction to the show rings, but would also be extremely suitable for an adult looking to casually hack and compete.
    Horse Highest Bid
    WooS Allons-y N/A
    WooS Apercu N/A

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