[Ends 5/25] Ashwood Estate Eventing Prodigy's

  • All horses have main site profiles, some are registered some aren't.

    I'm downsizing my horses because I just have so many and I know I won't give them all equal attention.

    Do not remove my prefix or add your prefix.
    Do not alter the coat color in anyway, adjusting the shine and details are okay.
    Do not change the horses gender(you can geld a stallion).
    Do not resell without my permission.
    Updates are not required however I would love to see them compete(so discipline leaderboards will be checked).

    Autobuy is available, horses have their own starting bid.

    AWE Andja d'Incoville(Paladin des ifs KN x AWE My Flower)
    Chestnut Selle Francias Mare
    Eventing(4 Pedigree Bonus)(Registered on Mainsite)
    Starting bid: $10,000
    alt text

    AWE Dragonne(Paladin des Ifs KN x AWE Screaming Raven)
    Black Selle Francias Mare
    Eventing +4 Pedigree Bonus(Registred on Mainsite)
    Starting bid: $10,000
    alt text

  • Sale has been changed, I removed some horses and wrapped it around the 2 fillies sired by Paladin des Ifs KN.

  • Bumpity bump bump

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