Making a come back?

  • Hey all! I've been MIA for the past 8 months or so, but I am thinking about coming back to continue my racing strings.

    Because its been so long, I am not sure if I have any horses still being leased. If you are still leasing one of my horses, can you please let me know?

    Also, I don't have the link for the old forum anymore so I am not able to look back and see if anyone requested horses back that is not a TB, can you please let me know.

    I am looking forward to getting back into ES TB racing! :)

    Cheyenne Cavender

  • Do come back! I have missed seeing you around. If you want some fresh TB racing stock i have some ex race horses available for breeding :) though I dont race on equus anymore sadly :(

  • That's too bad you're not racing, but I will definitely keep you in mind for breeding. I am going to take a little bit to reevaluate my stables since I'm kind of out of it atm. After that, I will let you know. Thank you! I have really missed my ES TBs! :)

  • So happy to see you back! I recently came back myself. All my racers are sold or retired (</3) so I'm starting from scratch there haha.

  • It would be excellent to see you back. I'm still racing some of my own TBs (QMR Golden Ruler included) and it would be nice to see some of your horses around again. If you need some fresh stock then just let me know and I'd be willing to help. :smile:

  • Glad to see you're coming back :)

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