{ISO} Parents for a Roan Warmblood

  • Hey :smile: I'm in search of a stud/mare/both to use in a breeding to make a roan warmblood, it's one of the only colors I don't really have. My only request is that it's not an Irish Sport Horse as I'm looking for maximum outcrosses and I already have a roan ISH. Very much preferring that the horse offered is titled/has a pedigree and I am willing to pay top dollar to use them!

  • Luke, I have a bay roan Swedish WB you can borrow. Shes not titled or with pedigree, but she has output some very nice offspring

  • Hiya Luke!

    I have a stallion (Dutch Warmblood) thats a bay roan tobiano? Not sure if you wanted a coloured horse as such for this breeding :)

    He gives +2 in Eventing also :p

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