[Ended] Quarab Raffle

  • This lil girl was part of a blind import give away I hosted however she was returned only a few days later.

    Please keep my prefix(DBR[Dry Brush Ranch])
    You cannot add your own prefix
    You cannot alter or change her template or her coat
    Detail and shine markings can be adjusted

    She is a Stock Influence Quarab and should be shown in Western, however if you rather her not show in Western she can easily take up being shown in Halter.

    You are welcome to come up with a fake pedigree for her if you wish. I do have a Western Arabian Mare that you can put into her pedigree if you want.

    DBR No Name
    alt text

    Entry Form
    Your Name:

  • Your Name: Nova Ricketts

  • Tiny bump only one person interested in her so far.

  • Your Name:Duri Mose

  • Congrats to @Duri-Mose for winning the mare.

    If you're​still interested message me your email.

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