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  • Administrators

    If you are interested in joining Equus-Sims Staff, welcome!

    Before filling out an application, please take a look through the list of all possible staff positions and responsibilities.

    Equus staff receive monetary compensation for their work. Some positions are paid on a salary basis, while others are paid based on the number of tasks they complete.

    Still interested in filling out an application? Then please fill out this form and we will be in touch!

  • PR Committee

    The PR Committee is Actively Hiring!

    :wave: Hello! Your friendly neighbourhood PR Director here. I'm currently on the hunt for PR Committee applicants specifically the role of New Member Manager-- You would, potentially, be in charge of all new accounts going through the forums and addressing the concerns of unregistered members trying to join --alongside general committee members to manage our various Social Media accounts and to help with event planning and running like the Quarterly, the Advent, and whatever else we cook up! :cooking:

    Specifically, these are the jobs & what their requirements will be:

    • New Member Manager
      • Stated Above; Approving new Forum accounts, communicating with unregistered members to assist with the Forum registration process. Would answer directly to me with concerns about new membership. Divorced from the 3 other staff types due to the unique nature of the job.
    • General Public Relations Committee Staff
      • Co-ordinating challenges & public events with the PR Director (That's me!), fielding complaints/concerns/feedback from members, generally being a helpful fellow to the rest of the Committee.
    • Social Media Staff
      • Running our various Social Media accounts (Largest being Facebook & Tumblr, potentially an Instagram in the future), picking the best photos/content from our community to show off -- Most of our publicity comes from our SM presence especially around this time of the year so this is a pretty important role! -- and answering concerns of people messaging these accounts. Generally, these are people looking to register so you'd need to direct them to the New Member Manager.
    • EQUUS Quarterly Staff
      • Helping with the creation of the Quarterly; Working with General PR Staff to create challenges specifically for Quarterly content, writing articles, etc. Good for creative writing types or those who are skilled with graphic design.

    I hope to see plenty of eager applicants! You can contact me directly with any questions or concerns about applying or the jobs in question. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

    EDIT: Congratulations to @Andrea-Burdine, who is our new New Member Manager! :clap: The 3 other divisions are still looking for applicants :mag:

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