Help with tablet

  • This is a long shot.

    I want to get back into editing again, however... My tablet won't work when the program is installed on my laptop, when the program is taken off my tablet works(just can't use pen pressure). I don't think anyone can help with this situation but I remember when I first got my tablet I had a lot of help.
    Again this is a long shot and I'm​ honestly not expecting any help because it may be to confusing.
    I have a Wacom Intous 3.

    Edit: nevermind I can't get the disk to even install now -_-

  • I had a Wacom tablet once that did exactly what you described here, eventually stopping working altogether. It's either broken, incompatible with your computer or its recent update(s), both, or there's some other error. Just letting you know that you're not alone : p

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    Try downloading the most recent drivers from the wacom website

  • Will do when I buy an external disc drive.

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