Polish primitive horse (Konik Polski)

  • Name - Polish Primitive Horse or Konik Polski

    History - During World War I, these horses were important transport animals for Russian and German troops and were called Panje horses.[4] In 1923, Tadeusz Vetulani, an agriculturalist from Kraków, started to get interested in the Panje horses, a landrace of Biłgoraj and coined the name “Konik” (Polish for “small horse”), which is now established as the common name for the breed.
    In the pure-bred breeding of Konik horse, only mouse-coloured individuals with dorsal strip and without white spots or markings are allowed. Exceptionally, in mares very small white spots or markings on head (some white hairs, snip, star) are allowed temporarily.

    The coat colour can be of the following tint:
    Bright mouse-colour,
    Dark mouse-colour,

  • Administrators

    Konik horses are already permitted on Equus. From the Master Breed List:
    alt text

    If you wanted to create a Konik horse on the mainsite, you would need to chose Tarpan (Modern) for breed, and when registering you can put 'Konik' in the Breed % area of the registration form to specify the strain as Konik. :slight_smile:

  • Okay, thanks!

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