[Open] Vivien's Imports

  • Rules

    1. Horses must keep the suffix "T" and put my creator ID (1390) when registering.
    2. You may not put the horse up for mass download.
    3. You may change shine/detail markings.
    4. You may not sell the import without notifying me. I may like it back.
    5. I do not make custom markings. I work with what I have.
    6. If you would like me to choose a name for the horse, just put it in your application.


    Basic- bay, chestnut, black, etc. Adds $5,000 to gender price.
    Medium- gray, diluted, grullo, etc. Adds $10,500 to gender price.
    Patterned- tobiano, splash, frame, roan etc. Adds $15,000 to gender price.
    Appaloosa/Knab- leopard, blanket, snowcap, extreme roan, etc. Adds $20,000 to gender price.

    Mare: $5,000
    Stallion: $10,000
    Gelding $0

    1. Your name:
    2. Horse type: (Warmblood, stock, draft, etc)
    3. Color type: (basic, medium, patterned)
    4. Reference: (if Applicable)
    5. Gender:
    6. Desired discipline:
    7. Anything you do not want:
    8. Anything else?


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  • Examples would be nice. ;)

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock said in [Open] Vivien's Imports:

    Examples would be nice. ;)

    Felt like I was forgetting something! Thanks!!

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